CTCDD: CTCDD Meeting 6-12-12

CTCDD Meeting 6-12-12



CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

June 12, 2012

The 176th meeting of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities was held on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the CCSU, ITBD, New Britain.

Presiding: Frank Reed,  


Recorder of Minutes: Molly Cole, Director


Members Present: John Curtin, Gabriela Freyre-Calish, Jacqueline Jamison, Michelle Johnson, William Knight, Maryann Lombardi, Jennifer Lortie,  Zuleika Martinez, Sabra Mayo, Frank Reed, Monica Smyth, Brenda Stenglein, Jennifer Throwe, Cathy Wolkner


Staff: Molly Cole, Mary Ann Langton, Cathy Adamczyk, Ebonee Williams


Guests: Alicia Kucharczyk, Pending appointee from BRS;


1.            Call to Order.  Upon establishment of a quorum the meeting was called to order at 10:41 AM.


2.            Remarks from the Chair:

      Mr. Reed formally recognized Gabriele Freyre Calish, who will be resigning from the Council as of June 30, 2012.  He thanked her for her service and presented her with a certificate of appreciation.

      Mr. Reed informed the Council that the March of Dimes will be celebrating their 75th Anniversary and would like input from the Council in planning their anniversary event. 

      Mr. Reed reminded the Council that they are required to evaluate the performance of the Director.  Each member will receive a survey to complete and return to Mr. Reed by the end of June.  


3.            *Approval of Agenda: Mr. Reed asked that the agenda be amended to incinlude an Executive Session to discuss a personnel matter, following approval of the minutes.  Mr. Knight moved that the agenda be amended and Ms. Mayo seconded the motion.  The Amendment was approved unanimously.  Ms. Martinez then moved to approve the amended agenda and Ms. Lortie seconded that motion.  The amended agenda was approved unanimously. 


4.            *Approval of Minutes 5-8-12: Mr. Curtin moved to approve the minutes of May 8; Ms. Martinez seconded.  The minutes were unanimously approved. 


5.            Executive Session:  The Council adjourned to executive session at 10:53 AM. The executive session ended at 11:28 and the full meeting resumed.


6.            *Attendance Policy:  Mr. Reed asked for direction from the Council regarding the absence of a member who has missed three consecutive meetings. As per the by-laws, any member who has missed three consecutive meetings of the Council shall be presumed to have resigned.  One Council member has missed meetings in March, May and June.  Michelle Johnson made a motion to send this member a letter regarding his attendance, indicating that he is presumed to have resigned from the Council.  Mr. Curtin seconded the motion.  Jennifer Lortie, Jennifer Throwe, Gabriela Freyre-Calish and Maryann Lombardi voted against the motion.  Zuleika Martinez, Sabra Mayo, Bill Knight, Michelle Johnson, Jacqueline Jamison, Brenda Stenglein, John Curtin and Frank Reed voted for the motion.  The motion carried with 8 yes and 4 no votes. 


7.            Mission Moment: Maryann Lombardi shared the mission moment.  She described the process to develop a three person group home for her son near her own home.  She and her husband purchased and renovated a home to meet the required group home codes.  She encountered significant challenges in locating potential and appropriate room-mates for her son.  She discovered that DDS does not maintain an adequate data based that is searchable by appropriate matching criteria such as age, behavior, funding sources, health concerns, etc. 


8.            *Letter to Commissioner Macy:  Following the mission moment Ms. Lombardi made a motion to send a letter to DDS Commissioner Terry Macy requesting that the Department work to develop such a searchable data base to assist case workers in the regions in identifying appropriate living arrangements for clients on their waiting list.  Mr. Curtin seconded the motion and it passed with Ms. Smyth abstaining.   


9.            Executive Directorís Report:  Mrs. Cole completed the Executive Directorís Report and the Budget Report. She then completed a review of current projects funded in 2012 and approved funding requests for 2013.


10.                       Proposal Review Outline:  Ms. Cole reviewed the outline developed for the 2013 grant applications, which will be completed online.  Ms. Smyth made a motion to use the 2013 Grant Application Outline introduced at the meeting as a guide for all grant applications.  The motion was seconded by Ms. Mayo.  The motion carried unanimously.


11.                       Continuation funding for current initiatives:  Ms. Stenglein made a motion to approve the allocation of funding for another year for the following initiatives:

        Aging in Place (WeCAHR)

        Parents with Cognitive Limitations (SERC:  State Education Resource Center)

        Medical Safeguards (CT Legal Services)

The motion was seconded by Ms. Smyth.  The motion carried unanimously.  The council was reminded that this vote only approved the funding, and the Proposal Review Committee would review the applications and make final recommendations on continued funding for these initiatives.

12.                       Continuation of Partners in policymaking:  Ms. Mayo made a motion to allocate up to $60,000 to support another year of Partners in Policymaking Training in 2013.  The motion was seconded by Ms. Stenglein.   There was discussion regarding whether this level of funding would be enough, and it was determined that with the level of in-kind supports afforded by the Office of Protection and Advocacy and the University of CT Center of Excellence, $60,000 would be adequate.

The motion carried unanimously, with Ms. Freyre-Calish abstaining.

13.                        Additional funding requests for the Council: 

        *PATH/Parent to Parent/Family Voice of CT. A request has been made by PATH/Family Voices for up to $6,000 to celebrate their 25th Anniversary in Connecticut.  The event will attract about 200 parents.  A motion was made by Ms. Smyth to allocate up to $6,000 to PATH/Family Voices to be used for an event celebrating their 25th anniversary, provided there is opportunity for Council involvement for self-promotion and with final approval by the Proposal Review Committee.  Mr. Curtin seconded the motion.  The motion passed, with Mr. Knight voting nay, and Ms. Lortie and Ms. Johnson abstaining.

        *People First/SABE National Conference.  There was a discussion regarding the Councilís mandate to support self-advocates.  The Council has been approached three times from three different people asking for funds to support self-advocates in attending the Self Advocates Becoming Empowered (SABE) Conference from August 30th to September 2nd in Minnesota. Mr. Reed made a motion to allocate up to $3,000 from discretionary funds to support 2 self-advocates from People First to attend the SABE National Conference.  This funding is allocated with the understanding that those attending meet with a Council member and staff person prior to the conference.  This meeting will be an opportunity to outline the expected follow up after the conference, including a presentation to the Council at our September meeting.  The motion was seconded by Ms. Mayo. The motion carried with Mr. Knight opposed.

        *Annual Meeting.  Mr. Reed made a motion to allocate up to $2,000 for extra meeting expenses (venue and food) to invite guests, including Council grantees, to our annual meeting to be held on September 11, 2012,.  The meeting will   allow stakeholders and invited guests to meet our new Council members, hear presentations from current grantees, and hear an overview of the D Council.    The motion was seconded by Ms. Smyth, and was approved unanimously.

        *Annual Council Retreat. A motion was made by Mr. Knight to allocate up to $15,000 for a retreat in October.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Curtin, and was approved unanimously.



14.                        Committee Reports:

        By-Laws Committee:  The By-Laws Committee has not met since the last Council meeting.  The Committee will meet prior to the September meeting to define the criteria of what an excused absence is, and how to communicate an absence. 

        Executive Committee:  The Executive Committee has not met.

        Membership Committee:  Ms. Mayo reported that Mr. King has resigned from the Council.  He has contributed much to the Council and he will be missed.  On behalf of the Council, she expressed thanks to him for his service.  She also reported that Ms. Freyre-Calish has also resigned from the Council, and her presence here today will be her last Council meeting. Ms. Mayo expressed her thanks to her for her service to the Council, and that she will be missed. The Membership Committee has interviewed Chris Burke from Sarah as a representative of a non-profit agency.  The Committee recommended Mr. Burkeís name to be forwarded to the Governorís Office to replace Mr. Fred Frank.  There will be a Council Orientation on October 23 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  This orientation is mandatory for new Council members, and optional for veteran Council members.  The Council is looking to recruit 2 self-advocates.  Anyone wishing to recommend perspective candidates should contact Ms. Mayo or Ms. Johnson.  There are 20 Council members consisting of 8 parents, 8 self-advocates, 1 non-profit representative, 3 state agencies, and 3 state agency positions pending approval from the Governorís Office.

        APIE:  The APIE Committee hasnít met.

        Proposal Review Committee:  The PRC has not met.  Council members were encouraged to join the committee.

        LPP:  Mr. Knight informed everyone that the special session was taking place today, and he hoped that the DD Council would be established in state statute during the session. House Bill 5347 to mandate reporting on the use of restraints and seclusions I the schools was signed into law on June 6, 2012.  The Office of Protection and Advocacy was not consolidated with another agency, which is good news!


15.                       Work Groups. The Council adjourned to three work groups on Employment, Health and Housing


16.                       Report from Work Groups: 

        Employment:  Monica Smyth reported that the group will consider developing new RFPís next year to focus more on work with Chambers of Commerce. This could be a phased in approach with an RFP to one or two Chambers to provide information on employment of people with disabilities, and to bring together potential employers and employees.  Additionally the group is considering another initiative that would develop a panel of experts who could be available to employers and employees on how to do accommodations in the work place.  This could include development of some case studies.

        Housing:  This group will focus on Section 8 principles and requirements, how to have better access to housing.  They would like to do a feasibility study to develop accessible housing pods that could be place on larger pieces of privately owned property.  The land would be used at no cost and the landowner could receive property tax relief. 

        Health: The emergency preparedness brochure will be ready to share with the APIE committee in July. 


17.                       Adjourn:  Ms. Martinez moved to adjourn the meeting and Mr. Curtin seconded.  The council voted unanimously to adjourn at 2:53 PM. 



Respectfully Submitted by:


Molly Cole


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