CTCDD: CTCDD Meeting 5-8-12

CTCDD Meeting 5-8-12



CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

May 8, 2012

Approved 6/12/12 

The 175th meeting of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities was held on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the CCSU, ITBD, New Britain.

Presiding: Frank Reed,  


Recorder of Minutes: Molly Cole, Director


Members Present: John Curtin, Gabriela Freyre-Calish, Jacqueline Jamison, Michelle Johnson, Mark Keenan, William Knight, Jennifer Lortie, Zuleika Martinez, Dwayne Paul, Frank Reed, Monica Smyth, Brenda Stenglein, Jennifer Throwe, Cathy Wolkner


Staff: Molly Cole, Mary Ann Langton, Cathy Adamczyk, Ebonee Williams


Guests: Alicia Kucharczyk, Pending appointee from BRS; Rhonda Kempton, Pending appointee from SDE; Ada Suarez, Pending Appointee, OPA


1.      *Approval of Agenda: John Curtin moved to approve the agenda and Kathy Wolkner seconded.  The agenda was unanimously approved


2.      *Approval of Minutes 3-6-12: Zuleika Martinez moved to approve the minutes of Marc 6; Dwayne Paul seconded.  Sabra Mayo, John Curtin, Gabriela Freyre-Calish and Kathy Wolkner abstained from the vote.  Jacqueline Jamison, Michelle Johnson, Mark Keenan, William Knight, Jennifer Lortie, Zuleika Martinez, Dwayne Paul, Frank Reed, Monica Smyth, Brenda Stenglein, Jennifer Tthrowe and Cathy Wolkner voted to approve the minutes and the motion carried. 


3.      Remarks from the Chair:  Mr. Reed welcomed all members.  He shared that he will represent the Council at the 75th Anniversary of the March of Dimes.


4.      Mission Moment: Bill Knight shared  the role of DD Council members as stated in the DD Act and what this means to him as an appointed member of the Council.  Bill talked about his many activities that relate to this role, including self-advocacy, and community involvement.  Bill is highly invested in his own community as well as the vast network of individuals across the state who help him fulfill his role  on the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities


5.      *Amend the Agenda:  Mr. Hennick was not due to present until 10:30.  Mr. Curtin moved to amend the Agenda to change the Executive Director’s report to be given prior to Mr. Hennick.  Mr. Knight seconded the motion.  The Agenda was unanimously amended.


6.      Executive Director Report: Molly Cole reviewed the Executive Director report. However, Mr. Hennick arrived prior to completion of the report.


7.      *Amend Agenda:  Mr. Curtin moved to suspend the remaining portion of the Executive Director’s report until after Mr. Hennick’s presentation.  Mr. Knight seconded.  The agenda was unanimously amended.


8.      Overview of FOIA:  Mr. Tom Hennick, Public Information Officer, Freedom of Information Commission presented an overview of the FOIA for the Council.  This presentation was part of the required actions from a previous FOIA complaint. 


9.      Executive Director’s Report:  Mrs. Cole completed the Executive Director’s Report and the Budget Report. She also reported that two requests had been made.  One was to support two self-advocates from People First to attend the SABE (self-Advocates Becoming empowered) conference in Minnesota this August.  Mrs. Cole reminded the Council that they are required to support self-advocacy.  The second request was from PATH/Parent to Parent regarding funding for their 25th anniversary conference to be half in October. They anticipate 200 parents to attend.  Mrs. Cole suggested that the Council consider some specific reporting/benefit to the Council when considering whether or not to fund these requests.  No vote was taken. 


10. Work Groups. The Council adjourned to three work groups on Employment, Health and Housing


11. Report from Work Groups: 


·         Employment: Monica Smyth reported on the progress of the Employment Work Group.  Patricia Anderson, SDE joined the group to discuss the role of the LEA’s and the SDE in implementing Project SEARCH in CT.  SDE will assist the Council in implementing a meeting this fall with the Project SEARCH national staff and LEA’s to discuss Project SEARCH. While there are many models of transition/employment, SDE believes that some LEA”s may embrace the Projects SEARCH Model.  Mr. Paul suggested that this may be a lot of work for the existing staff.

* Mr. Paul moved that up to $5,000 of the already approved $20,000 for this project be allocated to hire a consultant to help with meeting logistics.  Mr. Knight seconded this motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 


·         Housing:  Cathy Adamczyk reported on this group.  The work group will have representation at the Ct Housing Coalition through Jackie Jamison.  She will explore whether people with disabilities are being properly represented at this coalition.  Mr. Reed will also attend.  The Housing work group RFP is currently being developed by Council staff.   This includes:

a.    Research housing accessibility in Ct

b.    Create a booklet on accessible housing options and programs in CT

c.    Develop training materials on inclusive housing and a PowerPoint

d.    Provide training to numerous groups including the ILC’s, disability groups, parent groups

e.    Collect data on training and impact from training

f.      Develop a state task force on house access m identify gaps in the system, action steps and policy change.

g.    Compile a listing of assistive technology that would improve accessibility in housing describe the technology, how/where to get it and funding options. 


·         Health Work Group:  Jennifer Throwe reported on the Health Work Group. This group has been working with the APIE committee to address issues in emergency Preparedness for people with disabilities.   The group proposed two related RFP’s for Council approval:

a.      A two year proposal to address pilot emergency preparedness plans in one rural, one urban and one suburban community.   The total cost of this proposal will be $110,000 over two years.

b.      A two year companion training project to train people with disabilities, community staff and advocates on emergency preparedness.  The total request for this proposal is 89,784. 

 *Mr.  Curtin moved that the council allocate a total of $199,784 for both RFP’s.   

  Mrs. Smyth seconded.  Mrs. Freyre-Calish abstained.  The motion carried



12.  Committee Reports


·                   Special By-Laws Committee:  this Committee did not meet.  In the absence of Mrs. Lombardi Mrs. Cole reviewed the highlighted suggested changed in the by-laws.  This included the addition of the requirement for annual conflict of interest forms from each Council member, a change in the language under supervisory duties of the Council Chair.  The by-laws need to reflect the addition of a provision for excused absences.  These cannot be voted on at this time.


·                   Executive Committee:  Mr. Reed reported that the Executive Committee did not meet. 


·                   Membership: Ms. Mayo reported that the Membership and Support Committee provided an orientation or council Members on April 17th.  They have interviewed four prospective members and selected one parent and one self-advocate for appointment by the Governor.  They are interviewing one more candidate and will forward a recommendation for a representative of a non-profit serving people with disabilities.


·                   APIE:  Mr. Paul reported that this committee has worked with the Health work group. APIE has decided to develop some sort of document on Emergency Preparedness—perhaps a brochure or a small card with relevant information.


·                   Proposal Review:  Ms. Freyre-Calish reported on the PRC Committee.

a.    Please change the minutes from the August meeting from Draft  to Approved. (Mrs. Cole will address this).

b.    The proposals will be on DD Suite

c.    ECCONN is no longer a grantee.


·         Legislation Program and Policy:  Mr. Knight Reported on the LPP.  The Committee  has a new co-chair, Zuleika Martinez e.  House Bill  5027 which included provisions to establish the Council in statute passed the House and is awaiting action in the Senate.  House Bill 5347 regarding reporting of restraint and seclusion is in the Senate.  SB 247 regarding sexual assault died in committee.  SB 5312 regarding unionization of PCA’s  passed and is being challenged in the courts.


13. Adjourn:  Mr. Knight moved to adjourn the meeting and Ms. Mayo seconded.  The council voted unanimously to adjourn at 2:55 PM. 



Respectfully Submitted by:


Molly Cole



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