CTCDD: CTCDD Agenda 5-8-12

CTCDD Agenda 5-8-12



CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

May 8, 2012

ITBD, New Britain


The Mission of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities is to promote the full inclusion of all people with disabilities in community life.


10:00              Call to Order                                                                         Reed             

10:05              Remarks from the Chair                                                     Reed

10:10              *Approval of Agenda                                                          Reed 

10:15              * Approval of Minutes                                                         Reed

10:20              Mission Moment                                                                 Bill Knight             

10:30              Overview of Freedom of Information Act                        Thomas Hennick                            

11:30              Executive Director Report/Budget Report                       Cole               


12:00              LUNCH  and meeting with work  groups                                    

2:00                *Update and progress reports, discussion of small group recommendations

                         And vote by the Council on Health work group            Council


2:30                Committee Reports                                              

Special By-Laws Committee                                  Lombardi

Executive Committee                                              Reed

Membership                                                              Mayo

APIE                                                                           Paul   

                        Proposal Review                                                     Sullivan

Legislation/Policy                                                    Knight           


3:00                *ADJOURN                                     Reed

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