CTCDD: PI&E Meeting 4-17-12

PI&E Meeting 4-17-12


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CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

Advocacy, Public Information and Education Committee

April 17, 2012

Conference Call Meeting

Members in Attendance:  Dwayne Paul, Chair; Jennifer Lortie, Vice-Chair; Zuleika Martinez; Monica Smyth;  David King; Alicia Kucharczyk, pending; Frank Reed, ex-officio

Absent Members:  Jacqueline Jamison; John Curtin, Kathy Wolkner; Brenda Stenglein

Guests:   Laura Marcinauskis and Jennifer Throwe, Health Care Task Force

Staff Present:  Cathy Adamczyk, Mary-Ann Langton

A quorum was established, and Mr. Paul called the meeting to order at 5:10 PM.

1.  Motion to approve the agenda:  A motion was made to approve the agenda by Smyth.  Ms. Lortie seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 

2.  Motion to amend the minutes:  Ms. Martinez made a motion to amend the minutes dated 3/27/2012 to correct the date on the approval of minutes (item #2) from 2/28/2012 to 3/13/2012.    The motion was seconded by Ms. Smyth. The motion carried unanimously, with Ms. Lortie abstaining.

3.  Approval of the minutes from 3/27/2012:   A motion was made by Ms. Smyth to accept the March 13, 2012 minutes as amended.  The motion was seconded by Ms. Martinez.  The motion carried unanimously, with Ms. Lortie abstaining.

4.  Updates:  Ms. Marcinauskis provided the APIE Committee with a variety of emergency preparedness training materials currently available in Connecticut that were sent to her by Mr. McGaughey, Director of the Office of Protection and Advocacy.  These materials included information from various sources, such as the Developmental Disabilities Network, the Justice Department, and the Red Cross, among others.  Ms. Smyth provided a summary of her conversation with Michelle Duprey, Director of Department for Services for People with Disabilities in New Haven:

a.     CT is made up of 5 regions, each with their own emergency support function.

b.     The term “functional limitations” is used instead of “disabilities” because it is a federal term and includes most categories of people who need additional assistance in an emergency situation.

c.      Ms. Duprey feels more information is needed to promote the importance of a personal, individualized plan.

d.     She felt that if we did a video, it should be promoted through public access TV.

e.     Ms. Duprey encouraged the idea of uploading the many documents available to disseminate information about emergency preparedness.

f.       She supports providing training to the Independent Living Centers and have them act as the lead for disaster preparedness.

Ms. Langton provided information from Cathy Ludlum, a self advocate, on her experience in a shelter in Manchester.  Ms. Ludlum’s experience was good because she had 4 staff people available to her on a rotating basis to cover all her needs, but not everyone was as lucky as her.  It was suggested that the Committee focus on personal responsibility in order for people with disabilities to have a positive outcome.

5.  Next Steps:  There is a wealth of information available on emergency preparedness.  The committee made the following suggestions of things to consider:

a.     Upload information to our website

b.     Create a written document for a webinar

c.      Create videos (chapters) that can be shown on You-Tube

d.     Gather global information and put it into clean, user friendly format

e.     Work with the State Department of Education to include emergency preparedness on individualized educational plan of all special education students

f.       Survey each town to see who is in charge of emergency preparedness and provide members of the town with contact information

g.     Focus on a campaign promoting personal responsibility

h.     Create a brochure

6.  Adjourn:  Ms. Lortie made a motion to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Mr. King.  The motion carried unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:59 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Adamczyk




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