CTCDD: 2-2-12 Executive Committee Minutes

2-2-12 Executive Committee Minutes



Executive Committee Meeting

February 2, 2012


Present:  Dwayne Paul, Bill Knight, Sabra Mayo, Gabriela Freyre-Calish, Frank Reed, , Michelle Johnson and Maryann Lombardi.  By Phone:  Jennifer Lortie,  Guy Sullivan.


Staff: Molly Cole


The meeting came to order at 10:10.  Mr. Reed introduced members present to those on the phone. 

1.                   Approval of agenda.  Mr. Reed called for a motion to approve the agenda.  Mr. paul moved to approved the agenda and Ms. Lombardi seconded.  The agenda was approved unanimously.

2.                  Approval of Minutes from 1/6/12.  Mr. Knight moved to approve the minutes and Ms. Lombardi seconded.  Ms. Cole indicated that the minutes did not include the final motion and vote regarding Mr. Sullivan’s attendance at the 1/10/12 Council meeting.  The minutes were amended to include the motion, the second and the final vote and response from Mr. Sullivan.  The minutes were approved unanimously as amended.


3.                  Review of Comments from the Council meeting of 1/10/12.  Mr. Reed read the summary of consumer satisfaction surveys from the 1/10/12 Council meeting. 

·         Small Group Work. There was discussion regarding the timing of small group work at Council meetings, since some members felt that this work would be more productive in the morning.  The Committee agreed that morning small group work would be more  productive and allow for votes and actions from the small groups if they were not held at the end of the meeting.   

·         Acronyms. There were additional comments on the extensive use of acronyms.  There were two suggestions made:  1.  Develop a one page list of common acronyms and 2. Go over acronyms at the pre-meeting. 

·         Dissension on the Council. There were additional comments relating to the dissension and the motion that was made compelling the Council to order Mr. Reed to resign .  Members felt that it was embarrassing to have this motion made during an open public meeting.  Ms. Lombardi stated that the by-laws do not allow the Council to vote anyone off the Council and that the motion made at the 1/10 meeting was out of order.  In order to actually act on that motion the Council would have had to agree by a 2/3 vote to consider any motion that is outside the by-laws.  The Council did not agree to do so. 

·         Remove comments that personally attack or criticize. Mr. Sullivan joined the meeting and moved “that the Committee remove from the record anonymous comments made on consumer satisfaction forms that were attacking or criticizing other members.”  Ms. Freyre Calish seconded the motion.  The ensuing discussion  related to the rights of individuals to make comments under their First Amendment rights. The purpose of the surveys is to inform the committee on how to improve their Council meetings.  The Committee agreed that Council members should be encouraged to identify behaviors and not individuals in their comments.  Ms Cole indicated that staff can filter comments to de-identify.  Ms Lombardi and Ms. Freyre voted for the motion.  Mr. Knight and Ms. Johnson voted against the motion.  Mr. Reed, Mr. Paul, Ms. Lortie and Ms. Mayo abstained.  Mr. Sullivan was no longer on the phone to record his vote.  The vote was held open until Mr. Sullivan returned.


4.                  Goals for Executive Director:  The Committee clarified that both Mr. Reed and Ms Lombardi were participating in supervision. They recommended that the by-laws be changed so that supervision is a function of both the chair and vice chair.  The discussion focused on the process for supervising  the Executive Director.  This consists of monthly meetings (at a minimum), frequent phone calls and contact between the chair, vice chair and the executive director.  The purpose of these meetings is to review progress on goals, address challenges and revise goals as needed.   Mr. Reed reviewed Ms. Cole’s proposed performance goals for the 6 month period between January and June 2012.   An additional goal was added to explore and attend professional development training opportunities.   It was noted that supervision is a function of the chair and vice chair, and not the entire Council;  evaluation is a function of the entire Council.


5.                  Process to Evaluate the Executive Director.  Ms. Cole reviewed the format for evaluation.  She suggested that the Council consider a survey of Council members and staff. She disseminated proposed questions for the Council to consider in the survey.  She also recommended that the Council conduct a 360 Evaluation in which they survey community contacts in other agencies. She disseminated some sample questions that could be used in a 360 evaluation.  Mr. Knight moved that the committee accept the process of evaluation. Ms. Lortie seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.

Michelle Johnson  left the meeting to get her transportation home.  The committee still had a quorum.


6.                  Open Vote:  Mr. Sullivan did not return to the meeting.  In order to complete the open vote, Mr. Paul moved that the committee decide on Mr. Sullivan’s vote by default based on  Robert’s Rule that an individual cannot vote against their own motion. The committee  can therefore  assume that Mr. Sullivan  would vote in favor of his motion. Ms. Mayo seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.  Therefore, the previous motion “That the Committee remove from the record anonymous comments made on consumer satisfaction forms that were attacking or criticizing other members” carried by a vote of three in favor and four abstaining (abstentions go to the majority vote). There were two nays.


7.                  Full Participation discussion:  The Committee discussed the fact that the by-laws do not define full participation of council members at committee or council meetings.  The by-laws only address attendance.  The by-laws committee needs to address this.


8.                  Adjourn:  Mr. Knight moved to adjourn the meeting.  Ms. Mayo seconded.  The motion carried unanimously and the committee adjourned at 11:21.

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