CTCDD: 2-9-12 Minutes

2-9-12 Minutes



Special By-Laws Committee

February 9, 2012

Present:  Frank Reed, Mary Ann Lombardi, Monica Smyth (phone), Laura Marcinauskis (phone)


Staff:  Molly Cole


1.       Appointment of Chair and Vice Chair. Mr.  Reed called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM.  Mr. Reed  noted that several other   committee members are unable assume  the responsibility to chair the meeting.  Council  by- laws require that the Council chair appoint a chair for any special committee.  Mr. Reed requested that Mary Ann Lombardi chair the committee and she agreed to do so.  Since no other member could commit to taking on the role of vice chair, Mr.  Reed will be vice chair.


2.      Process:  The committee decided to review and edit the by laws, then circulate to the committee for a second review/edit.  The changes need to be ready in draft form to present to the Council at the March 6 meeting, so that the Council can vote on the changes at the May meeting. 


3.      Additional changes: 

         Add a definition section to the by-laws

         Have an AM/PM sign in sheet at Council meetings to ensure to ensure that members are attending the full meeting

         Review the member Handbook with all members and include a signed and dated acknowledgement , to be signed by each Council member, that the handbook has been reviewed and accepted.

         Include specific responsibilities from the DD Act in the By Laws

         Include language regarding ethics and code of conduct.


4.      Review of document: The committee reviewed the entire by laws document and made edits.  Molly will type and send the revisions to the Committee within one week.  The Committee can then review the document and re-convene for a second round of edits prior to the Council meeting. 


5.      Next steps: When the draft document is ready to present to the Council, Molly will prepare a bulleted sheet that details the changes to the by-laws so that all members can understand the changes.

The meeting adjourned at noon.

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