CTCDD: Proposal Review Agenda 12-8-11

Proposal Review Agenda 12-8-11



Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities


460 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106

Conference Room A


December 8th, 2011


9:45 am 12:00 Noon


10:00               Call to Order   - Special Meeting                                            Sullivan


10:00               Remarks from Chair                                                                Sullivan


10:05               Approval of Minutes   8/4/11                                                  Sullivan


10:05               Old Business                                                                           Sullivan


10:10               Executive Session Pending Litigation Reserve                   Reed


10:25               Staff Initiated Grant Proposals MOU or PSA Requirements

            RE: Wrightslaw Executive Committee Approval - Attachment


10:35               Visitability Improper Notice Given to Grantee by Executive Director

                        RE: Recommend Solution to Council to Cure Defect


10:45               Grantee Compliance with Applicable Discrimination Laws

RE: Ensuring Council Grantees Comply Either Through an MOU or PSA


10:55               Real Work for Real Pay

RE: Encouraging Grantees To Hire The Developmentally Disabled.  Creating a Benchmark for Success.  Consideration of an Annual or Semi-Annual Recognition Award to the Grantee who hires the developmentally disabled with real jobs for real pay.


11:05               WeCAHR Review MOU                                                    Freye-Calish


11:10               Review DD Suite                                                                    Cole


11:45               5-Year Plan Areas of Emphasis                                           Freye-Calish


11:50               Interference with Public Posting of Agendas                         All


11:55               New Business                                                                         Sullivan


12:00               Adjournment

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