CTCDD: Membership Meeting 8-9-11

Membership Meeting 8-9-11




CTCDD - Ct. Council on Developmental Disabilities

Membership and Support Committee Meeting Minutes



Present:  Sabra Mayo, Chair; Peter Morrissette, Vice Chair; Frank Reed John Curtin; Michelle Johnson

Excused:  Sarah Rafala;

Staff: Molly Cole, Mary-Ann Langton

Sabra Mayo began the meeting at 1 PM.   The purpose of this meeting was to interview prospective candidates for membership to the Council, discuss the interviews held the previous week, develop a list of prospective candidates to submit to the Governor for appointment and develop a slate of officers for election in September.  The committee reviewed the interview questions and decided on questions that each committee member would ask the candidates. 

Candidates interviewed were:

Laura Marcinauskis

Brenda Stenglein

Following the interviews, the committee voted to submit:

Kathleen Wolkner, Jennifer Throwe, Laura Marcinauskis, Brenda Stenglein, and Armand Legault to the Governor for appointment. 

The committee developed the slate for Chair/Vice Chair as follows:

Chair:  Frank Reed; Vice Chair: Maryann Lombardi.

The committee adjourned 3:15 PM.


Molly Cole


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