CTCDD: Membership Meeting 8-2-11

Membership Meeting 8-2-11




CTCDD - Ct. Council on Developmental Disabilities

Membership and Support Committee Meeting Minutes

At UCONN Center of Excellence


Present:  Sabra Mayo, Chair; Peter Morrsisette, Vice Chair; Frank Reed

Excused:  Sarah Rafala; Monica Smyth; John Curtin

Staff: Molly Cole, Mary-Ann Langton

Sabra Mayo began the meeting at 10 AM.  The purpose of this meeting was to interview prospective candidates for membership to the Council.  A second round of interviews is scheduled for August 9 in Hartford, and the Committee will develop the slate of officers for the next year at that time, as well as develop recommendations to send to the governorís office for appointments. 

Candidates interviewed were:

Cathy Wolkner

Jennifer Throwe

Those members present felt that both were strong candidates and would present their recommendations to the committee on August 9th.

The committee adjourned at 1:00.


Molly Cole


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