CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 3-28-11

Proposal Review Meeting 3-28-11


**APPROVED**      **APPROVED**           **APPROVED**




Proposal Review Committee

460 Capitol Ave

Hartford, CT




PRESENT:  Guy Sullivan, Chair; Gabriela Freyre-Calish, Vice Chair; Darlene Borre; Peter Morrissette; John Curtin; Monica Smyth (teleconference); Frank Reed.


ABSENT:    Patricia Tyler


STAFF:  Mary-Ann Langton and Margaret Cohan.


GUESTS:  Joanne Reed, Mr. Reed’s assistant; Lorraine DeFreitas, Mr. Morrissette’s assistant; Tracy Adam, Ms. Langton’s assistant.


Mr. Sullivan called the Proposal Review Committee meeting to order on Monday, March 28, 2011 10:05 a.m.  


Mr. Morrissette made a motion to approve the minutes from October 13, 2010. Ms. Curtin seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Ms. Freyre-Calish made a motion to approve the minutes from November 8, 2010. Mr. Reed seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Ms. Smyth made a motion to approve the minutes from November 9, 2010. Ms. Borre seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Sullivan reviewed the remaining agenda items and noted that HART was not applying for a continuation grant at this time so their was no grant application to review.


Mr. Sullivan opened discussion regarding the continuation grant application from ECCONN. The committee reviewed the site visit report and asked Ms. Cohan if any of the data collection was available and wanted to know if staff had been given access to “NING”.  Ms. Cohan and Ms. Langton had not been given access to “NING” and did not have data collection report that was noted in the site visit report that was reported to be forthcoming after site visit. [Update: Data Collection Report has been forwarded to committee members, the report had been available but Ms. Cohan could not find it in the folder at the meeting] The committee then had a discussion that after review of continuation grant application committee members have many questions about the site visit and continuation grant application.


Mr. Sullivan made a motion to request a conference call with ECCONN and PRC to answer questions regarding site visit follow up and additional questions regarding the continuation grant application before a decision will be made on the continuation grant application. Ms. Freyre-Calish seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Sullivan stated he had been in contact with the grantees and would contact ECCONN to arrange for a conference call. Ms. Cohan requested that Mr. Sullivan include staff on any email correspondence to grantee as a point of information for staff. Mr. Sullivan requested committee members forward to Chair and Vice Chair any questions regarding ECONN grant to be discussed at conference call.


Mr. Sullivan discussed with the Proposal Review Committee (PRC) that since the PRC is a relatively new committee to the Council some decisions need to be made regarding PRC operating procedures. The committee had considerable discussion about standard operating procedures. Mr. Reed explained when the by-laws were amended to include a PRC the intent was the new committee could be able to look at grant applications in depth.


Ms. Borre made a motion to request the  PRC  develop operating procedures. Mr. Curtin seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Reed requested staff be involved in developing operating procedures.


Mr. Sullivan introduced the continuation grant application with Independence Unlimited/Visitability. Committee members had questions regarding grant and grant application. Ms. Borre stated people with Autism have sensory integration needs and the grant application did not make any mention of accommodations for those with Autism in home building. Committee had concerns IU not able to continue to implement the proposal.


Ms. Smyth no longer on conference call.


Mr. Reed made a motion to decline the continuation grant for IU. Ms. Borre seconded. Those voting “aye”: Mr. Reed, Mr. Sullivan, Ms. Borre, Mr. Morrissette, and Ms. Freyre-Calish,  Mr. Curtin voted “no”. The motion carried.


Mr. Sullivan discussed request from Mr. Tony Records, Remedial Expert for Southbury Training School, for $3500 to produce a booklet to be used as part of information to be given to families of Southbury Training School residents regarding the viability of living in the community. The committee discussed needing more information regarding production of booklet. Ms. Cohan explained that the production of the type of booklet requested had been funded by other DD Councils in the United States when institutions in their states were in the process of trying to return people with developmental disabilities to the community.


Mr. Sullivan made a motion to pass on the opportunity today on the funding for the booklet. Mr. Curtin seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Frank requested to meet with Mr. Tony Records and requested staff coordinates a time and place for meeting. 


Mr. Sullivan  made a motion to adjourn at 12:15 pm.  Mr. Reed seconded. The motion passed unanimously.



Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Cohan

Margaret Cohan

Disability Policy Specialist

CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

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