CTCDD: Notes for 2011 Budget

Notes for 2011 Budget


January 7, 2011


Notes to 2011 Budget




          The following funds remaining in our 2010 Budget to pay the balances of our initiatives:

          First Experience Communication      $16,000

          CT Community Care, Inc.               $78,929

          CT Legal Services                         $22,000

          Educational Consultants of CT          $4,000

          Housatonic Area Regional Transit      $8,250

          Independence Unlimited                  $3,100

          WeCAHR                                     $22,000

          State Board of Education                 $3,300



          Any funds not spent will be returned to the Council for reallocation in the 2011 budget.


          There are also funds that go directly to the CT General Fund $36,284


          The Council is carrying over 2010 funds into 2011.  These funds have been committed in the Council’s 2011 Budget.                                           $151,828




Notes to 2011 Budget




          2010 funds carried over into the 2011 Budget     $151,828

          2011 anticipated federal allotment                    $708,997

                                                2011 Draft Budget   $860,825


The Council’s Draft 2011 Budget is 2.3% less than the 2010 Budget.  The President and the Congress are not likely to settle on a federal budget until sometime in March 2011.  The Office of Budget and Management has asked federal agencies to propose 5% cuts and House Republicans are calling for reducing spending to 2008 levels.  The Council is currently being funded on Continuing Resolutions at our 2010 allotment. 

If the Council is kept at our 2010 allotment level, the Council will realize about a $16,000 surplus.  If the Council is brought back to the 2008 level of funding, the Council will realize about a $13,000 deficit.  Experience and history indicates that a $13,000 deficit is easily absorbed by the Council over the course of the year.  A Draft 2011 Budget that includes a 2.3% reduction is a reasonable risk to take.



          Staff salaries, benefits and payout                       $349,540


          No increases.  There have not been raises or cost of living adjustments over the last 3 years.  This budget allows for the new Director to overlap with the retiring Director for 3 weeks, a 30 day post-retirement contract if the Council feels the need, and the payout of accumulated leave for the retiring Director.  It also includes the balance of the payout for a former Council staff person.


          Office                                                                             $8,473


          Out-of-state travel                                                         $11,691


          This enables a Council member and staff person to travel to Washington, DC, to consult with our colleagues on reauthorization of the Developmental Disabilities Act and appropriations and to visit with our Congressional delegation.  It enables Council leadership and staff to travel to Washington, DC, to our national association’s conference, for the new Director to attend the Council Director’s retreat, where ever it may be held, and it enables a staff person to participate in a national leadership training institute in Delaware.




          The budget allows for the following initiatives.  The amount per initiative is just an estimate based on our current experience with each initiative.  The Council may choose to increase or decrease the amount per initiative as a result of site visit evaluations and changing priorities.  The Council may choose to eliminate initiatives or add new initiatives.  This opportunity will first arise with initiatives applying for another round of funding.  In order to return most Council initiatives to a single funding and reporting cycle, applications will be for a funding period ending December 31, 2012.  Applications will vary from 18 to 21 months.  This will allow the Council to split the funding of initiatives between 2011 and 2012 funds but it also means the Council will be committing 2012 funds during 2011.

          Note that the following estimates more funding for First Experience Communication and Housatonic Area Regional Transit than in 2010, less funding for CT Community Care, Inc., than in 2010, and the same funding in 2011 as in 2010 for most other initiatives.  Unspecified funding for Grassroots Parent Training is now specified for collaborating with the CT Parent Advocacy Center to enable Wrightslaw training on special education in April for 200 parents and professionals, should the Council choose to do support such training.  Funds that have been sitting, idling and unproductive for Internships for students have been reduced since Council efforts to negotiate initiatives will probably not bear fruit until later in the year.  Only funding for the LD Transition Institute to enable our intern to do parent training workshops around CT using our Education and Community Inclusion Toolkit and our “RoboWaiter” competition with Trinity College are committed in memorandums of understanding.  Funds that have been sitting, idling and unproductive for Youth Advocacy have been put to work in other initiatives since the Council is nowhere near having any concepts to promote or support.

          Also note that this budget does not allow funding for any initiatives that are surely to arise during the course of the year.  For example, the CT DD Network Directors have been talking about co-sponsoring  a conference, seminar and workshop in the early Summer to address the reported alarming use of aversives, restraints and seclusion in schools, adult programs and skilled nursing facilities.


          First Experience Communications                       $60,000

          CT Community Care, Inc.                                 $95,338

          CT Legal Services                                           $40,000

          CT Parent Advocacy Center (Wrightslaw)            $15,000

          Educational Consultants of CT                           $40,000

          Housatonic Area Regional Transit                       $40,000

          Internships for students                                     $6,264

          Independence Unlimited                                    $31,000

          LD Transition Institute (Ed. Toolkit training)           $3,000

          Trinity College                                                  $9,006

          WeCAHR                                                        $40,000

          State Board of Education                                   $6,000



Council’s 40th Anniversary Conference                         $16,920


          Honoring and recognizing Sens. Dodd and Weicker, with former Weicker and Dodd staff, the current Commissioner of the federal Administration on Developmental Disabilities and a former Commissioner, and our CT DD Network partners, with presentations by Beth Mount, Ph.D., and John McKnight.  200 invited guests including past Council members and current elected and appointed officials in the Malloy Administration.


Council member support                                                        $43,216


O’Brien Workshop                                                                   $1,473

          The CT DD Network is sponsoring a workshop on current and proposed state budget cuts with 50 invited guests, including elected and appointed officials in the Malloy administration, facilitated by John O’Brien.  This is the Council’s share of the estimated $6,000 cost of this event.


National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities dues           $5,954


Webmaster                                                                                    $2,500


CT General Fund (5% of our allocation)                                             $35,450



                                                                   Total Expenses        $860,825






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