CTCDD: Policy Meeting 11-9-10

Policy Meeting 11-9-10






                 185 Main Street

                 New Britain, CT 



PRESENT:  Frank Reed; Jennifer Lortie; Monica Smyth; Guy Sullivan; Mark Keenan; Bill Knight, Vice Chair; David King; Maryann Lombardi; and Gabriela Freyre-Calish


ABSENT:  Steve Belske; Larry Carlson;  Al Piehl; Patricia Tyler; Fred Frank; and Leslie Prior; Hayley Kelley


STAFF:  Mary-Ann Langton and Margaret Cohan.


GUESTS:  Patricia Carrin , Dawn, personal assistant to Ms. Lortie, and MSW Intern Kaitlyn Blicharz from UCEDD


Mr. Reed called the Legislation, Policy and Planning Committee meeting to order on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 9:40 a.m. as Mr. Knight had not arrived yet. Mr. Knight delayed by transportation. When Mr. Knight arrives, the committee will have a quorum. 


 A quorum was not present so informal discussion took place. Ms. Cohan informed the committee Ms. Kelley had stepped down as Chair. Once quorum present will vote on minutes and have election of Chair.


Ms. Cohan informed committee members that an email survey went out to Superintendents asking for information on ARS (Aversives, Restraint and Seclusion) use in the school. So far, 33 have responded and a follow up letter will be sent. Ms. Cohan will add an additional question on follow up letter asking if the school district was distributing procedural safeguards on ARS. Ms. Cohan also reported proposed Federal legislation would not likely pass through Senate as opposition by disability advocacy groups on addition of ARS use in IEP. Mr. Sullivan reported disability groups in CT are advocating for the elimination of the use of ARS in IEP’s as an educational intervention. Committee discussed whether position statement on ARS had been approved by the Council stating Council not endorsing the use of ARS in the IEP and restraint in only emergencies. Ms. Cohan will research and report to the committee.


Ms. Cohan reported “Knowing the Warning Signs” has been sent to the CT Executive Director of the CT Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics via Mr. Keenan for distribution. Ms. Lombardi suggested we send “Knowing the Warning Signs” to emergency rooms also.


Mr. Knight arrives at 10:00 AM.


Committee now has a quorum.


Ms. Smyth made a motion to approve the minutes from June 15, 2010. Ms. Lombardi seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Knight asked for nominations for Chair.  


Ms. Smyth made a motion to nominate Mr. Knight as Chair of the LPP Committee. Mr. Reed seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Knight asked for nominations for Vice Chair of the LPP Committee as Mr. Knight is now Chair creating a vacancy for Vice Chair.


Ms. Smyth made a motion to nominate Ms. Lortie as Vice Chair of the LPP Committee. Ms. Lombardi seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Reed discussed the CT DD Network Forum Planning Group  meeting on 10/29/10 and read Mr. McGaughey’s minutes of the meeting. The DD Network would like to  sponsor a  Forum for legislators and would like John O’Brien to facilitate. The DD Network Forum Planning Group  will be meeting to plan further. UCEDD has committed 3K to the Forum. Unknown at this time what monetary support from the Council would be required. Mr. Keenan suggested the Planning Group should try to get members of the new Governor’s Transition Team to attend the Forum.


Mr. Reed made a motion to remain involved with the CT DD Network Forum Planning Group. Ms. Smyth seconded. The motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Knight called for discussion on developing a Legislative Agenda for the upcoming Legislative session starting in January 2011. Mr. Reed discussed that the legislature will probably take up legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide again. P & A has worked on opposing this; the Council will continue to be opposed to legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide.


Ms. Langton let the committee know that legislation for defining physically helplessness will be re-introduced by the State’s Attorney’s office this legislative session with little change to last sessions language. Committee suggested to Ms. Langton to meet with Rep. Olsen who had objections to legislation last year. Rep. Olsen thought it would impede the rights of people with disabilities.


Mr. Knight stated he is part of the Disability Advocacy Collaborative and would be able to report to the LPP committee on the DAC activities with legislative issues. Ms. Cohan is waiting to be appointed to the Family Support Council and will be able to report on FSC legislative activities to the LPP committee to help the committee develop a Legislative agenda for upcoming session. Ms. Cohan will contact Beth Leslie at P&A about the upcoming legislative session and the different bills for people with disabilities. In light of the fact the sitting Governor has asked for budget proposals from each state department with 15% reductions  the committee is anticipating attempts to reduce services to people with developmental disabilities.


The committee agreed to meet by conference call Friday 12/10/10 at 10AM to discuss developing legislative agenda for the Council in collaboration with our DD Network partners and others. Ms. Cohan will arrange conference call and notify committee members.


Mr. Reed made a motion to adjourn at 10:55 AM. Ms. Lombardi seconded.




Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Cohan

Disability Policy Specialist

CT Council on Developmental Disabilities


NOTE:  The Council’s position statement on Aversives, Restraint and Seclusion was adopted at the Council meeting on 9-14-10. Please find attached to email.

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