CTCDD: CTCDD Meeting 11-09-10

CTCDD Meeting 11-09-10




The 166th meeting of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities was held on Tuesday, November 9, 2010, at the Institute of Technology and Business Development/Central Connecticut State University, New Britain.


Council Members Present: Joyce Baker; Darlene Borre; John Curtin; Stacey D’Angelo; Kathryn duPree; Gabriela Freyre-Calish; Mark Keenan; David King; Bill Knight; Maryann Lombardi; Jennifer Lortie; Zuleika Martinez; Sabra Mayo; Peter Morrissette; Perri Murdica; Dwayne Paul; Sarah Rafala; Frank Reed, Vice Chair; Monica Smyth; Anita Tremarche; Chair; and Patricia Tyler.


Excused Absence:  Stephen Belske; Larry Carlson; Fred Frank; Hayley Kelley; and Al Piehl.


Absent:  Leslie Prior.


Guests Present:  Kaitlyn Blicharz, intern with the University Center for Excellence from the UCONN School of Social Work; Patti Carrin, intern in the Council Office from Smith College; Dawn Lambert, Money Follows the Person, Director, Department of Social Services; Ira Yellin and Alison Karam, First Experience Communication; Trevor, guest of Sabra Mayo; Lorraine DeFreitas, Meeting Assistant; and five (5) personal assistants.


Staff Present:  Margaret Cohan, Mary-Ann Langton and Ed Preneta.


Mr. Reed called the CT Council meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. 




          Ms. Smyth moved to approve the minutes of June 15, 2010.  Mr.  Curtin seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


Budget Update



Mr. Preneta reported that funds remain in various line items to pay operational expenses through December 31st.  Funds also remain for initiative payments to be made during 2011.  Transportation costs continue as a concern.  He will project how much of a deficit, and when to expect that deficit, after Transportation bills are paid for the November 9, 2011 Council meeting.  It is likely the new Director will have to request an amendment to the Council’s Transportation contract to add more funds to the budget.

Operational funds remaining unspent after December 31st will be used to pay for the expected deficit in Transportation or moved to Undesignated funds for the Council’s use with initiatives during 2011.  The Council is currently carrying over nearly $152,000 for use in 2011 for continuing and new initiatives. 

Ms. Tyler asked how much more Transportation will cost.

Mr. Preneta said the current Transportation budget is over $16,000.  He estimated the actual cost of Transportation will be about $18,000.




Mr. Preneta reported that the 2011 Budget reflects a 2.3% reduction despite the President giving Councils level funding, the Senate giving Councils a miniscule increase and the House Appropriations Committee giving Councils a 2.3% increase.  Political skepticism and cynicism reigns in Washington, D.C.  It is expected that the Congress will come back for ½ day after Thanksgiving to pass a Continuing Resolution at the  2010 level of funding for all Domestic programs until the new Congress convenes in January 2011.  The Council may not know its actual budget until well into the first quarter of 2011.  Mr. Preneta noted that a negotiated settlement regarding a personnel matter resulted in adding an additional month’s pay and benefits to the budget.  These costs have been absorbed.  The budget also allows for a 2 to 4 week overlap of the current Director with the new Director, a 30 day contract with the current Director as a Temporary Worker Retiree, and an estimated payout for the current Director.  The budget includes a longevity payment for staff who have been with the Council for 10 years.  Mr. Preneta said that after projecting the expected deficit in the Transportation contract, he will increase funds in the Transportation line item.  He noted that funds to continue initiatives are “best guesses”. 


Mr. Preneta said that he is encouraging the Council to return most Council funding to a single funding and reporting cycle.  With the staggering of paying initiatives, there is much more guesswork in our planning for a 5 Year State Plan or annual amendments.  Site visit evaluations are scattered throughout the year.  There is much more guesswork in planning a budget for initiatives.  It is harder to predict how much the Council will have for new initiatives.  Implementing some initiatives could require multiple requests for proposals (RFPs).  Deciding on applications for funds could require multiple Committee meetings and/or Council meetings or Executive Committee meetings.  Federal financial reporting will show that the Council is varying considerably above or below the Council’s federal allotment as funds are carried over from one year to the next.  Reporting on matching funds will also vary from year to year.  The quality of outcome and satisfaction reporting is significantly diminished.  The Council will not have timely data for the federal reports.  For some initiatives this year the Council will not have any outcome or satisfaction data.  In the next year, the outcome and satisfaction reports for some initiatives will be hard to match up and/or use with federal fiscal year reporting due December 31st for the federal fiscal year ending September 30th.

Ms. Smyth asked what returning most Council initiatives to a single funding and reporting cycle means.

Mr. Preneta said that continuing initiatives will be asked to submit 2011 applications for Council funds for a funding period that ends December 31, 2012.  Applications will vary from 18 to 21 months.  The Council will be committing an estimated $220,000 in 2012 funds.   


Old Business


Committee Reports


Advocacy, Public Information and Education Committee


          Mr. Paul introduced Mr. Ira Yellin and Ms. Alison Karam, First Experience Communications (FEC), to report on their preliminary recommendations regarding working with the Council on a Marketing and Public Relations Plan.  Preliminary recommendations included clarifying the Council’s vision and purpose, strengthening the Council’s presence and visibility and developing consistent, on-going communications. 

          Ms. Smyth suggested that FEC compare the CT Council with Councils with a similar philosophy and values.

          Mr. Preneta said the CT Council’s philosophy and values are similar to the Minnesota Council on Developmental Disabilities.

          Ms. Tyler suggested the Council’s message be more ser-friendly to people with developmental disabilities.

          Mr. Curtin added that young people use Blogs and Twitter.


Membership and Support Committee


Ms. Mayo reported that six (6) people with developmental disabilities were scheduled to be interviewed.  There were 3 “no shows” and 3 people interviewed.  Ms. Michelle Johnson, Manchester, was recommended to the Governor for appointment to the Council to succeed Armand Legault.  (NOTE:  During the Council meeting, the Governor’s Office appointed Ms. Johnson.)

Ms. Mayo also expressed interest in serving as Chair of the Committee.


Proposal Review Committee


          Mr. Sullivan reported that his Committee needed to hold an emergency teleconference meeting on November 8, 2010, to make a decision on Trinity College’s application to continue funding “RoboWaiter” competition in 2011 for the Council’s ratification today.  Trinity College needs to know if it will be able to move  forward with the competition which will take place in April 2011.  The Committee voted 4 to 3 to support Trinity’s application.

          Ms. Baker moved to ratify the Committee’s decision.  Mr. Knight seconded. 

          Mr. Keenan asked if Trinity has made plans for future funding of the competition and if any patents had resulted from the competition.

          Ms. Baker said Trinity’s development staff will be writing grants for future funding.  She added that the purpose of the competition educates young people interested in engineering and gets them interested in how engineering can benefit people with disabilities.

          Mr. Paul said he hoped the Council would continue to fund the competition even beyond 2011.

          Mr. Reed said the competition gives the Council high visibility with schools, colleges and engineers in Connecticut, nationally and world wide.

          Ms. Lombardi said the competition influences young people going into the engineering profession.

          Ms. Tyler said college and university engineering programs are well funded and that Trinity could hold this competition without Council funding.

          Ms. Smyth asked if the Committee has policies and procedures to help guide what the Committee decides to fund.

          Ms. Freyre-Calish said she provided the Committee with questions to keep in mind.

          Mr. Sullivan said the issue before the Council is ratifying the Committee’s decision to fund the Trinity application.  Policies and procedures will be addressed at a future meeting.

          Mr. Morrissette said it is good for the Council to support the competition.

          Mr. Knight called the question.

          The motion passed with Ms. Baker, Ms. Borre, Ms. D’Angelo, Mr. King, Mr. Knight, Ms. Lombardi, Ms. Lortie, Ms. Martinez, Ms. Mayo, Mr. Morrissette, Ms. Murdica, Mr. Paul, Ms. Rafala, Mr. Reed, Mr. Sullivan and Ms. Tremarche voting “Aye”.  Mr. Curtin, Ms. duPree, Ms. Freyre-Calish, Ms. Smyth and Ms. Tyler voting “No”.  Mr. Keenan “Abstained.”


Transition Committee


          Mr. Reed reported that the Council has been given permission to fill the position of Director and that the new Director may overlap with the current Director for up to one month.  The Committee is waiting for the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to post the position.  The Council will then also distribute a notice about the posting.  Candidates interested in the position will respond directly to DAS.  DAS will determine the due date for responses.  DAS will screen the responses and give the Committee a list of candidates who meet the technical specifications for the position.  The Committee can then choose to invite candidates to send resumes, cover letters and other information as determined by the Committee.



          Mr. Reed reminded Council members that the Council has already spent considerable time amending bylaws, which were amended again at the last Council meeting.  The amended bylaws are before the Council for approval.

          Ms. Smith moved to approve the bylaws as amended.  Ms. duPree seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


 Legislation, Policy and Planning Committee


          Mr. Knight reported that with the resignation of Ms. Kelley as Chair, the Committee elected Mr. Knight as Chair and Ms. Lortie as Vice Chair.

          He reported that school systems have been asked to report on their out-of-district placements and their use of restraints and seclusion. 

          Mr. Knight reported that the CT DD Network is planning a workshop on the impact of current and projected state budget cuts.  John O’Brien will be explored to facilitate the workshop.  The UCEDD has offered to pay for most of the cost of Mr. O’Brien.  The Council will be asked to pay for the remaining costs of the workshop.

          He reported that the Committee is expecting to address aversives, restraints and seclusion, physician assisted suicide and the definition of physically helpless when the CT General Assembly reconvenes in January.

          Mr. Knight introduced Dawn Lambert, Director, Money Follows the Person, Department of Social Services.

          Ms. Lambert presented on Connecticut’s seven (7) Medicaid Home and Community Based Services waivers, waivers under development, and the Money Follows the Person program.


New Business


2011 Meeting Schedule


          Ms. Tremarche reported that the Council needed to approve a set of regularly scheduled 2011 Council meetings to send to the Secretary of State’s office by December 30, 2010.

          Mr. Knight moved to approve the proposed 2011 schedule of regular Council meetings.  Ms. Smyth seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.




          Ms. Tyler asked the Council to address the way Council meetings are conducted so that they are more simple, user-friendly and respectful. 

          Ms. Tremarche said Council meeting conduct will be addressed by the Executive Committee.

          Mr. Sullivan reminded his Committee that a Proposal Review Committee was meeting immediately after the Council meeting to discuss Project SEARCH.


          Mr. Curtin moved to adjourn.  Ms. Rafala seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


          The meeting adjourned at 2:05 p.m.


                                                                   Respectfully submitted,




                                                                   Ed Preneta













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