CTCDD: Policy Meeting 6-15-10

Policy Meeting 6-15-10




PRESENT:  Steve Belske, Larry Carlson, Fred Frank, Mark Keenan, Hayley Kelley, Bill Knight, Maryann Lombardi, Monica Smiyth, Frank Reed and Patricia Taylor.


ABSENT:  Leo Germain, David King, Jennifer Lortie, Al Piehl, Nancy Taylor and Patricia Tyler


STAFF:  Mary-Ann Langton and Ed Preneta


GUESTS:  Justin Hill, Intern, Department of Public Health, and one personal assistant


Ms. Kelley called the Legislation, Policy and Planning Committee meeting to order on Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 9:34 a.m.  


Mr. Knight made a motion to approve the minutes of March 9, 2010.   Ms. Lombardi seconded.  The motion passed unanimously. 


The Committee tabled most of the agenda items until a new staff member is hired in mid September.  However, the following committee members agreed to either collect names or to explore ways to inform parents of the Warnings Signs about Restraints and Seclusions.


1.     Mark Keenan – List of pediatricians

2.     Hayley Kelley – SEPTAs

3.     Frank Reed – Toys R Us.   Perhaps their brochure could have a line that would direct parents to the fact sheet on the CTCDD Website: and

4.  Staff will put the fact sheet on the CTCDD’s Website.  In addition, staff will     contact Perri Murdica to ask if the link to the fact sheet can be put on the Department of Education’s blog.


Ms. Lombardi informed the committee that Restraints and Seclusions Regulations may be changing in the near future if Congress passes federal legislation.  Therefore, the committee agreed to postpone sending follow-up letters to superintendents until the Fall.  She will deliver the Council’s Restraints and Seclusion information to Connecticut’s Representatives and Senators’ aides when she is in Washington, D.C. in July.


Mr. Preneta talked to a liaison from the Governor’s office about the Judge Rotenberger Center (JRC).  CT does not have any children but there are two adults who reside at JRC.  Connecticut will not place anymore people at JRC 


The Physical Helplessness Bill did not pass through the House because there was a concern that the bill would limit sex between consenting adults.  The Council may want to pursue legislation during the 2011 legislation year.


A bill about Assisted Suicide may come up during the 2011 legislation session.  Ms. Langton agreed to develop a fact sheet that may be used to inform the legislators.


Mr. Knight motioned to adjourn at 10:45 a.m.   Ms. Lombardi seconded.


Respectfully submitted,

Mary-Ann Langton

Mary-Ann Langton

Disability Policy Specialist

CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

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