CTCDD: Proposal Review Meeting 11-8-10

Proposal Review Meeting 11-8-10


An emergency teleconference of the Connecticut Council on Developmental Disabilities’ Proposal Review Committee was held on Monday, November 8, 2010.


Council Members Present:  Joyce Baker, Darlene Borre, Gabriela Freyre-Calish, Vice Chair; Frank Reed, ex officio; Monica Smyth; Guy Sullivan, Chair and Pat Tyler.


Excused Absences:  John Curtin and Peter Morrissette.


Staff Present:  Ed Preneta.


Mr. Sullivan called the teleconference meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.


Mr. Preneta explained that the reason for the emergency teleconference was to overcome a bureaucratic technicality related to the Council bylaws with regard to making a decision on the application from Trinity College to continue “RoboWaiter” competition in 2011.  Trinity College needs to know before January if it will be receiving Council funds.  If the Committee waited until after the November 9, 2010 Council meeting to make a decision, the decision could not be ratified by the Council until its January 11, 2011 meeting.  Mr. Preneta said that this bureaucratic technicality is the result of the Council abandoning funding most initiatives on a calendar year.  This problem will be raised at the Council’s November 9, 2010 meeting.


Mr. Sullivan asked for discussion of the Trinity College application.


Ms. Smyth said she was opposed to continuing funding for a 4th year.  She did not think the Council should fund initiatives for a long-term and that funds should be made available for other initiatives.  She asked if funding Trinity would take funds away from other initiatives.


Mr. Preneta said that funds were budgeted for Trinity and other initiatives.  Funding Trinity would not take funds away from other initiatives.


Ms. Baker said that Trinity is aware that 2011 could be the last year of funding from the Council and that its development staff is working on raising funds for the “RoboWaiter” competition.  She has been deeply involved with the competition and was in favor of continuing Council funds.


Mr. Reed said the competition places the Council in a highly prestigious position with good publicity about the Council.  He thought that it was important that the Council encourage young people who are interested in engineering to get involved in engineering that benefits people with developmental disabilities.  He supported continuing funding.


Ms. Borre liked the idea of funding technology in the field of disabilities.  She supported continuing funding.


Ms. Tyler was not sure that the Council received much recognition from the competition.  She said that college and university engineering programs attract significant funding and that it was unlikely Trinity would discontinue the “RoboWaiter” competition if the Council stopped funding.  She was opposed to continuing funding.


Mr. Sullivan asked if there would be a “RoboWaiter” competition without Council funds.


Mr. Preneta said that the “RoboWaiter” competition evolved to a free-standing competition from Trinity’s long-standing firefighting robots competition.  RoboWaiter competiton and firefighting robots completion are separate events on separate days.


Mr. Sullivan asked for a vote by roll call.


Ms. Baker, Ms. Borre, Mr. Reed and Mr. Sullivan voted in favor of continuing funding.  Ms. Freyre-Calish, Ms. Smyth and Ms. Tyler voted against continuing funding.  The Committee will propose continuing funding Trinity College “RoboWaiter” completion for the Council’s ratification on November 9, 2010.


Mr. Sullivan adjourned the teleconference meeting by consensus at 4:35 p.m.


                                                                                      Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                      Ed Preneta










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