CTCDD: Membership Meeting 7-22-10

Membership Meeting 7-22-10




The fourteenth meeting of the Membership and Support Committee of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities was held on July 22, 2010 at the Office of Protection and Advocacy, Hartford.


Members Present:   Sabra Mayo; Tom McCann, Chair; Peter Morrissette, Vice Chair; Perri Murdica.


Ex-officio:  Anita Tremarche, Interim Council Chair; Frank Reed, Interim Vice Chair.


Absent:  Sarah Rafala


Staff:  Ed Preneta.


Mr. McCann opened the meeting at 10:00 a.m.




By consensus the minutes of October 15, 2009 were approved.




Gabriela Freyre-Calish, University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities




Leo Germain




Five (5) parents and 1 advocate were interviewed for 2 parent vacancies and 3 advocate vacancies.


The following parents will be recommended for appointment:

          Guy Sullivan to succeed Nancy Taylor

          Darlene Borre to succeed Paul Kachevsky

The following advocates will be recommended for appointment:

          John Curtin to succeed Tom McCann


Additional advocates will be recruited for telephone interview by Mr. McCann.


Applicants who were not recommended for appointment will be sent a letter thanking them for their interest.


An orientation for new Council members will be held on October 13, 2010, assuming the Governor makes timely appointments, at a time and place to be determined.  Email will be used with the Committee to discuss the content of the orientation.  All Council members will be invited to the orientation. 


Chair and Vice Chair Ballot


The Committee will issue a ballot seeking nominations for Council Chair and Vice Chair.  Anita Tremarche, the Councilís Interim Chair, and Frank Reed, the Councilís Interim Vice-Chair, will both seek re-election as a ticket.  The Committee will conduct the election at the Councilís September 14, 2010 meeting.


The meeting adjourned by consensus at 3:00 p.m.


Addendum to the Minutes


Following the Committee meeting, it was discovered that the Council had vacancies for 3 parents instead of 2 parents.  Since the Committee discussed other candidates interviewed and came to a consensus on ranking applicants, by email and telephone poll of Committee members, Stacy DíAngelo will be recommended for appointment to succeed Robyn Hescock.


                                                                   Respectfully submitted,




                                                                   Edward T. Preneta





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