CTCDD: Policy Meeting 03-09-10

Policy Meeting 03-09-10

Legislative, Policy & Planning Committee Meeting


185 Main Street

New Britain, CT


March 9, 2010



Attendance: Frank Reed, Patricia Tyler, Jennifer Lortie, Al Piehl, David King, Zulieka Martinez, Maryann Lombardi, Gabriela Freye- Kalish, Monica Smyth, Nancy Taylor, Hayley Kelley, Larry Carlson, Bill Knight, Fred Frank


Absent: Steven Belske, Leo Germain, Mark Keenan, Leslie Prior  


DD Staff: Angela Klonoski



Mr. Reed called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m.


The last LPP Committee met on January 30, 2010 but was unable to get through the first two agenda items or make any decisions. the Committee rescheduled the meeting to another date with ample time to ensure that the Committee could move through the agenda and make decisions.


The Committee requested that copies of the original language for the restraints and seclusion (R&S) bill and the current R&S law language be sent to the Committee so that they can compare the two and determine what language is needed to achieve more accountability and protection of people with disabilities in the public school system. Ms.Klonoski will be emailing/mailing the bill and current law.


The Committee agreed that it will be necessary find someone from the Education Committee to sponsor the revisions to the current R&S law in order to get the topic of R&S law and its language back on the legislature’s radar screen.


The Committee discussed on several avenues to explore try to ensure that parents and other professionals receive a copy of a one pager on the warning signs on the use of Aversives, Restraints and Seclusion. Some of the suggestions that were mentioned were: list serves, SERC, CPAC, CT PTA, SEPTA’s, SDE-Bureau Blog, Pediatricians, Doctor’s, Hospitals as well as Private and Parochial Schools.


Ms. Taylor agreed to take the lead on writing a cover letter to these organizations and agencies that would accompany the one pager.


Ms. Taylor mentioned using “Survey Monkey” to receive feedback from local school districts in regards to whether or not they have been giving parents a copy of the Restraint and Seclusion Law at PPT’s (Planning and Placement Team) meetings. A question to be included in the survey (or letter) would ask if the district was willing to hand out a one page flyer for families regarding “warning signs” on the use  of restraints and seclusions on children with disabilities. In the past, individual letters were sent to all school districts.


Ms. Tyler stated that the DDS (Department of Developmental Services) has a Committee that approves Aversives, Restraints and Seclusion and that we should request a copy of DDS guidelines for that Committee.



 The Committee agreed that a follow-up letter to the Governor regarding the Judge Rotenberg Center was needed and advised Ms. Klonoski to draft such letter for the Committee’s approval.


Mr. Reed brought up the subject of the CT Police Academy and their training with regard to people with disabilities. He was concerned with the unnecessary use of tasers.


Mr. Reed gave an update on the legislation for amending the state definition of “Physically Helpless”, referencing the controversial Bridgeport case. The legislation was on the Human Services Committee’s agenda and was still going forward.


The next meeting will be scheduled prior to the next full Council meeting which will be held on Tuesday May 11, 2010, following confirmation from Mr. Reed the Chair of the Committee.


Mr. Reed moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:33 a.m. Mr. Knight seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted,


Angela Klonoski


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