CTCDD: Policy Meeting 02-27-07

Policy Meeting 02-27-07


Attendance: Patti Carrin, John Flanders, Paul Seigel and Chad Sinanian, Patricia Tyler

Absent: Mary Eberle, Nancy Taylor, Leo Germain and Jennifer Lortie

DD Staff: Angela Spino



Mr. Flanders called the meeting to order at 12:20pm.


Ms. Tyler motioned to approve the minutes of 11/14/06. Mr.Sinanian seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.


Ms. Carrin requested that we clarify the Council’s position on label  specific disabilities when it comes to specific bills or needed support from the Council. Such as the DMR Name Change and the Autism Pilot Program through DMR, since these two are label specific. There was discussion on who would be the appropriate person to testify on topics that they have expertise and/ or experience with. Especially since the Council member’s are made of parents with children that have disabilities as well as self advocates. As long as it falls within the definition of developmental disabilities. Any topic that falls under the definition of developmental disabilities, however is controversial will need to be discussed further with the full Council.  


 Mr. Flanders motioned to clarify and Ms.Tyler seconded the motion. Further discussion on the topic of label specific disabilities is needed with the full Council at the March 13,2007 Council meeting.


Mr. Flanders opened up discussion on upcoming legislation that we should testify on that relates with Council’s mission statement. Ms.Carrin asked if every Council member is allowed to testify. Mr. Flanders replied with yes, as far as the process to testify is handled appropriately through the proper channels. Ms.Carrin questioned the process in which Council  members are able to testify on behalf of the Council. Ms.Carrin feels that there is too much wait time from the time you hear about the legislation, to deciding to testifying, writing a draft and then submitted to the  Executive Committee for approval or feedback for changes or additions, before the final draft is completed. Mr. Flanders mentioned that the time to find out about certain legislation and to is about six days.


 Mr.Sinanian mentioned the upcoming DMR Name Change hearing. It was discussed that this would be a bill that the Council would testify on behalf of supporting a new name change of the Department of Developmental Services. That the most appropriate Council member with the expertise and or experience with a certain issue should be the one who takes the lead.


 Ms.Carrin wanted to know how soon you find out the outcome of certain bills. “Ms.Tyler doesn’t feel that the media should have reported the story just because the two young adults had disabilities.” Ms.Tyler expressed her concerns that the newspaper article was written with a sympathetic tone in regards to the issues and concerns facing the father, but did not seem to fully appreciate that this father took it upon himself to choose a path that resulted in the murder of three individuals. Ms.Tyler stated that she wondered if the article would have presented with this sympathetic approach to the father, had the two adult children not had intellectual disabilities


Mr. Siegel brought up the elderly as an example. Ms.Carrin brought up a few of the legislative bills that we should be concentrating on Healthcare Coverage and Healthcare Access for Children with Special Needs, Restraints and Seclusion Room’s, Training for Parents on Special Education, Assisting Parents on Advocating for their Children, DMR Name Change, Disability Awareness Week, Funding of Katie Beckett Waiver, Home and Community Based Services for Children with Special Healthcare Needs, Money Follows the Person, Lifespan Respite Coalition Regulations of Group Homes, Voting and Handicapped Parking Fines


Mr. Siegel asked if there was any upcoming legislation on transportation. Mr. Flanders talked about the process of bringing up legislation to the House and the Senate once a hearing/testimony has already passed. Discussion about state agencies/versus public sign up sheet. Ms.Tyler brought up setting a consistent date to meet for future A & L meeting’s.  Ms.Carrin asked about updating the website, Judi Sohn our webmaster was looking into it for more information on the  Able Lives series.



The next meeting date is scheduled to be held on March 29,2007 from 10-12 at the Office of Protection and Advocacy in Hartford.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:40pm


Respectfully Submitted,


Angela Spino

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