CTCDD: Policy Meeting 11-14-06

Policy Meeting 11-14-06


Attendance: Mary Eberle, John Flanders, Chad Sinanian, Paul Siegel and Patricia Tyler

Absent: Bill Broadbridge, Nancy Taylor and, Patti Carrin

Ex-Officio: Carolyn Cartland and Cathy Adamczyk

DD Staff: Angela Spino


Mr. Sinanian on behalf of Mr. Flanders called the meeting to order at 10:20 am.


Mr. Sinanian motioned to approve the minutes of October 5, 2006. Mr. Flanders seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.


Mr. Sinanian briefly mentioned his concerns on behalf of People First regarding the DMR Name Change that if the name changes the statutes will still remain the same. Mr.Sinanian stated that he wants a name that is dignified and respectful to all people with disabilities.

 Mr. Flanders stated that today’s meeting is to discuss the Council’s position on the DMR Name Change. Mr. Flanders went over the “Straw Poll” that was done with Council members who are either parents or self-advocates. The straw poll was 14 in favor of the Department of Developmental Services, 4 in favor of Department of Developmental Disabilities and 2 that abstained from voting.


Mr. Flanders is looking for the committee to make one recommendation to the entire Council. Mr. Flanders stated that we have an obligation to present a title that is less confusing to the clients or potential clients of the Department. Mr.Sinanian stated that he would like to propose the two names that were voted on by the Straw Poll, the Department of Developmental Disabilities and the Department of Developmental Services to the full Council for a vote. Mr.Sinanian agreed that changing the name to a dignified and respectful name is the most important issue right now, and understands that the Council has all intentions to change the mission in the future.


Ms. Tyler asked if we could eliminate the word “of”, she requested that the name should focus on the services part.



Ms. Eberle moved that we recommend to the full Council the name, Department of Developmental Services and that we delete any discussion of a change in DMR’s mission from our testimony on this bill. Ms.Eberle stated that we need to take one issue at a time, first the name change, then at a later time the mission. Ms.Tyler seconded the motion.


Mr. Siegel stated that we already have a state agency that provides services. Ms.Eberle clarified that the Department of Social Services does not provide services for people with developmental disabilities.


Mr.Sinanian said that he could support the name  “Department of Developmental Services”.


Mr. Flanders called for a vote on the motion. The vote was unanimous.

The next meeting date was not set. The meeting was adjourned at 11:00.


Respectfully Submitted,

Angela Spino


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