CTCDD: Policy Meeting 09-11-07

Policy Meeting 09-11-07



Attendance: John Flanders, Paul Seigel, Chad Sinanian, Patricia Tyler, Leo Germain, Patti Carrin, Nancy Taylor, Paul Seigel and Mary Eberle


Absent: Jennifer Lortie


DD Staff: Angela Spino



Mr. Flanders called the meeting to order at 11:15am.


Ms.Carrin motioned to approve the minutes of 3/29/06. Ms.Tyler seconded with one objection, that there is a correction of the spelling of her last name. The vote was unanimous with the one minor change.


Mr. Flanders agreed to write a letter on behalf of the Council to testify at the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act) Regulations hearings that the State Department of Education are holding around the state from now until Monday October 22,2007. Mr.Germain and Ms.Taylor both agreed to testify if need be.


Mr. Flanders along with Committee members agreed that the Restraint and Seclusion bill needs to be strengthened. Mr.Sinanian

Feels that staff working with people with disabilities should be properly trained in restraining techniques, certified. Ms.Eberle stated that the use of restraints and seclusion for punishment should be prohibited. Discussion on the Restraint & Seclusion Bill continued.


Ms.Spino brought up PBS (Positive Behavioral Supports) Training and Reporting, since these were the two main requirements of staff when the bill was proposed, however, they were both taken out when the Bill went to the Appropriations Committee. Ms. Spino feels that we should approach the new Commissioner of the State Department of Education and ask him how and when schools will be implementing the new requirements. Ms.Spino also noted, how will parents be notified if their child was to be restrained or put into seclusion.


Mr. Flanders suggested a meeting with the State Department of Education in early December, and suggested that Ms.Eberle attend with him to discuss proposed language to Senator Ed Meyer.


Ms.Eberle stated that since the Department of Developmental Services changed its name from the former Department of Mental Retardation that its time to change their mission. Ms.Eberle wants the Committee to look at the Blue Ribbon Commission to see if it includes kids with all developmental disabilities because the language in the document is one that would be beneficial for people with developmental disabilities, instead of what DDS currently requires, which is that of a 70 IQ or lower. Ms.Tyler asked if there was a model state that had a Department of Developmental Services so we could look at what they offer and what their criteria was to receive services. Maine was mentioned.


Ms.Taylor suggested that we do an Internet search on other states on how their system is actually working and their practice. Mr.Sinanian commented that people with disabilities have the right to receive services.


Mr. Flanders stated that the Judge Rotenberg Center requested a two-prong process. That a letter should be drafted to all state agencies and Superintendents stating that we do not agree or approve the Judge Rotenberg Center. Ms.Spino would like school districts that place people with disabilities in out of state facilities inform their district of where these people are placed, why and how much it costs not to educate these individuals in their own community.


Mr. Flanders motioned to draft a letter to state agencies and Superintendents under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act).Ms.Taylor seconded  


The next meeting date is to be determined at this time. However, correspondence through email was agreed upon.


Mr. Flanders adjourned the meeting at 1:00pm. Ms.Tyler seconded the motion.


Respectfully Submitted,


Angela Spino

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