CTCDD: Policy Meeting 10-23-07

Policy Meeting 10-23-07


Attendance: John Flanders, Paul Seigel, Chad Sinanian, Patricia Tyler, Leo Germain, Patti Carrin, Jennifer Lortie and Mary Eberle


Absent: Nancy Taylor

DD Staff: Angela Spino



Mr. Flanders called the meeting to order at 10:05am.


The Minutes from 9/11/07 were tabled.


Mr. Flanders started out the discussion with the State Department of Education hearings around the state regarding the IDEA regulations. Mr. Flanders wrote testimony on behalf of the Council, similar to that of Andy Feinstein’s that he submitted to Terri DeFrancis at the State Department of Education before the deadline. Ms.Tyler  stated that she read Andy Feinstein’s testimony and wants to address what happens when a student turns eighteen.


Ms.Tyler stated that a child who turns eighteen should be able to surrender his/her rights if they want to. Mr. Flanders agreed and stated that students are considered adults at eighteen and therefore should have a formal meeting where they can submit their requests in writing. Ms.Tyler stated that there should be a clause that states that parents should receive this information prior to their child’s eighteenth birthday.



Mr.Sinanian stated that that parents and students should sit down and discuss and work with them. Mr. Flanders stated that parents cannot attend a PPT when the child is eighteen. Ms.Lortie asked what happens if a student is not capable of understanding what is happening at the PPT? Mr. Flanders stated that a student needs to be declared unable to comprehend, and that students can verbally invite their parents but they have to submit the invitation in writing to the district. Ms.Carrin stated that it is problematic and should be included in the transition planning. With a little involvement with the student in this process. And that there are too many decisions once a child turns eighteen and that it can be overwhelming.



Mr. Flanders  asked the Committee “How should we Operate?” Mr. Flanders stated that “hot” issues that come up need to responded to first and foremost, that we need to remain available and take into consideration things that come up. Which is not necessarily our Philosophy or our Mission. Mr. Flanders asked “How Do We Measure Success?” Ms.Tyler asked if  quality of life is affected after our advocacy, and that Legislation is one way. Mr.Sinanian asked how we measured it? Ms.Tyler, Ex: Restraint Law. Find out how many children are restrained a year after the Bill went into effect.


Ms. Tyler asked what has been accomplished and in what specific area from this Committee I the last five years. Mr. Flanders stated that we should set up a baseline. Ms.Tyler wanted to know how frequently do state agencies restrain clients? Ms.Carrin wanted to know how many people over the age of eighteen are restrained and if they are treated as children or adults. Ms. Carrin would like a copy of the DDS Manual to be photocopied for the Council and have a representative of the Department of Developmental Services attend a future Council meeting for a little Q&A. 


Ms. Carrin feels that some students are coerced  (not physically) in signing certain documents without parental consent, Ex: regarding being reprimanded.


Mr. Flanders proposed that we write up a report of statistics and other organizations similar to the one that the  Office of Protection and Advocacy has, but more elaborate. Then the Committee can issue an official report to the Council.


The next meeting will be scheduled some time after Thanksgiving and that all Committee members should send Ms.Spino dates when they are available to meet.


Mr. Flanders adjourned the meeting at 11:05am. Ms.Tyler seconded the motion.


Respectfully Submitted,


Angela Spino

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