CTCDD: Policy Meeting 3-29-07

Policy Meeting 3-29-07


Attendance: John Flanders, Paul Seigel, Chad Sinanian, Patricia Tyler, Leo Germain and Jennifer Lortie

Absent: Patti Carrin, Mary Eberle, Nancy Taylor

DD Staff: Angela Spino



Mr. Sinanian called the meeting to order at 10:15am.


Ms.Tyler motioned to approve the minutes of 3/29/06. Mr.Seigel seconded with one objection, that there is a correction of the spelling of his last name. The vote was unanimous with the one minor change.


Mr. Flanders addressed which Bills the Committee was supporting and is currently tracking at this time, since they are all in the Appropriations.


Mr. Flanders made a motion to draft a letter to Senator Tony Harp who is the Chairperson to the Education Committee opposing the flowing Bills: SB-977 (The Use of Restraints and Seclusion Rooms), SB-7176 (Ending services on ones 21st Birthday),DMR Name Change


Mr. Flanders also stated that the DMR Budget Cuts by the Governor.


Mr. Germain seconded it. The vote was unamious.


The next meeting date is to be determined at this time Correspondence through email was agreed upon.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM


Respectfully Submitted,


Angela Spino

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