CTCDD: Policy Meeting 6-8-06

Policy Meeting 6-8-06


Attendance: Patti Carrin, Mary Eberle, John Flanders, Paul Seigeland Chad Sinanian

Absent: Bill Broadbridge, Nancy Taylor and Patricia Tyler

DD Staff: Angela Spino



Mr. Flanders called the meeting at 10:46am.


Mr. Flanders motioned to approve the minutes of January 9,2006. Ms.Carrin seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.


Ms.Spino brought up a concern regarding the Autism Pilot Advisory Council and Kathy Reddington, who is the Autism Coordinator for DMR. Ms.Caro is on the Autism Steering Committee, however we have not had any recent updates on what they have been doing. It was requested by Ms.Spino that the council sends a letter to Kathy Reddington asking for dates on upcoming meetings and has a Council member sit in on those meetings. The committee agreed upon it, Mr. Flanders agreed to type one up and send it to Ms.Spino for distribution.


Ms.Spino informed the committee that she had a call into Senator Dodd’s office for Jim Fenton to find out if they have any Legislation in the works regarding childcare for children with disabilities.


Ms.Spino reminded the committee that Harriet McBryde Johnson will be speaking on Monday June 12,2006 at St.Josephs College at 10:30. This is being sponsored by The Office of the Child Advocate regarding Medically Fragile Children.


Ms.Spino informed the committee of the date September 7,2006 for the DMR name change at the LOB. Our committee would like to be present at this meeting to support the name change.


Ms.Eberle gave a better insight on the topic of the Medical Home, its definition and what barriers are in the way and how to overcome them. 


Mr. Barnwell mentioned that CPTV- Able Lives is not advertised in his local TV guide (New Haven Register), and that we should ask CPTV how they are advertising the series.


Ms.Spino has a call into Pat Tyler at P&A for more information on the Accessibility Advisory Board.


Mr. Flanders brought up the DD Act, and feels that appropriations should be increased and those we should expand the lobbying.


Ms.Eberle made a motion to support Claude Holcomb from ADAPT for a $1000.00 grant to help with expenses to participate in DC to push congress to make available homecare for people with disabilities and keep them out of institutions. Ms.Carrin seconded the motion. The vote was unanimous.


The next meeting date was not set. The meeting was adjourned at 11:52.


Respectfully Submitted,


Angela Spino

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