CTCDD: CTCDD Meeting 9-22-09

CTCDD Meeting 9-22-09


The 159th meeting of the CT Council on Developmental Disabilities was held on Tuesday, September 22, 2009, at the Institute of Technology and Business Development/Central Connecticut State University, New Britain.


Council Members Present:  Cathy Adamczyk, Chair; Patricia Anderson, Joyce Baker; Larry Carlson, Patricia Carrin, Sheila Crocker, Kathryn duPree, John Flanders, Fred Frank, Gabriela Freyre-Calish, Leo Germain, Robyn Hescock, Paul Kachevsky, Mark Keenan, Hayley Kelley, David King, Bill Knight, Armand Legault,Vice Chair; Maryann Lombardi, Jennifer Lortie, Zuleika Martinez, Sabra Mayo, Tom McCann, Peter Morrissette, Perri Murdica, Dwayne Paul, Al Piehl, Leslie Prior, Frank Reed, Nancy Taylor, Anita Tremarche, Patricia Tyler and Monica Smyth.


Excused Absence:  Stephen Belske and Sarah Rafala.


Absent:  Mary Eberle,


Guests Present:  Mike Fuller, Department of Public Health; Chuck Ramsey, and four (4) personal assistants, and Lorraine DeFreitas, Meeting Assistant.


Staff Present:  Mary-Ann Langton, Ed Preneta and Angela Spino.


Ms. Adamczyk called the CT Council meeting to order at 11:00 a.m. 


Ms. Adamczyk welcomed newly appointed Council members and asked all Council members to introduce themselves.




          Ms.  Lortie moved to approve the minutes of June 16, 2009.  Mr. McCann seconded.  The motion passed with Ms. Baker, Ms. Carrin, Mr. Flanders, Mr. Germain, Ms. Kelley and Mr. Legault, who were not present at the June 16, 2009 meeting, abstaining.  All newly appointed Council members also abstained.


Budget Update


2009 Budget

          Mr. Preneta reported that there was no substantial change in the budget previously distributed to Council members.  The Council operates on a federal fiscal year (October through September).  The Council is in the last month of its current fiscal year.  Funds have been retained in various line items to cover September expenses.  Council initiatives are funded on a calendar year (January through December).  Funds for initiatives will not be expended until the end of the calendar year.  All unexpended funds have been moved to the Undesignated line item and total nearly $169,000.  These funds have been added to the Councilís 2010 budget.

          Mr. Preneta reported that he is leading a national task force of Council colleagues studying the imposition of mandatory furlough days by Governors across the country despite ďnoninterference clausesĒ in the federal Developmental Disabilities Act exempting Councils from furlough days and other interference.  The study is to determine whether or not to request formal intervention by the federal Administration on Developmental Disabilities.  The study will be completed at the end of October.  He noted that the Council has not otherwise been prohibited from other spending, such as out-of-state travel, purchasing office supplies, and personal service agreements.  Mr. Preneta noted that for the first time comments were made on the Councilís spending on meetings.


2010 Budget

          The projected draft 2010 Budget is about $897,000.  The budget assumes the Council will receive $720,427, which is the same amount in federal funds in 2010 that it received in 2009.  $169,000 of unexpended 2009 funds has been carried over for use in 2010 and the Council has a little over $7,100 of income from conference registrations.  The 2010 budget projects little to no increase in costs to support the Council, its staff and the office.  Council operations and staff costs about $417,000.  The Council has about $481,000 for continuing and new initiatives.

          Mr. Preneta reported that the Congress is considering about a 2% increase for the Council.  A 2% increase will result in only about a $14,500 increase for the CT Council due to the federal formula used to determine allotments to the states.  The President and the Congress are not expected to agree on a 2010 federal budget for a few more months.  The Councilís budget will be a draft budget until this agreement is achieved.


Ms. Adamczyk thanked Mr. Preneta.


Old Business


Transition Committee


          Mr. Legault reported that Council members who will be applying for the position as Director of the Council must leave the Council as of October 1, 2009.  He said the Committee is exploring whether or not to extend the separation date by 30 days.  Mr. Legault said the Office of State Ethics was unable to provide a ruling on the application of the stateís ďrevolving doorĒ rules to Council members by this Council meeting.  The Transition Committee will be meeting on September 24, 2009.

          Mr. Flanders clarified that the Office of State Ethics provided the Council with an informal opinion several years ago that said state ethics rules require that Council members must leave the Council at least one year before they can apply for a Council staff vacancy.  He has challenged that informal opinion.  Mr. Flanders submitted his resignation to the Governor with a caveat that if the Office of State Ethics rules in his favor he would like to be reappointed to the Council.


          Ms. Adamczyk thanked Mr. Legault.


2010 Initiatives and State Plan Amendments


          Ms. Adamczyk asked for discussion on Council process for determining 2010 initiatives.  She said Council members were sent descriptions of 57 possible continuing and new initiatives.  Council members, including newly appointed Council members, were asked to vote for their top 5 initiatives.  100% of Council members voted.  It was determined that based on the estimated cost per initiative, the Councilís budget allowed for reaching all initiatives that received 5 or more votes.  She recommended that the Council adopt the following 2010 initiatives:


VOTES                 INITIATIVE                            ESTIMATED COST


12                Aging in Place                                            $45,000

10                Service Brokers and Peer Mentors                $118,000

                   Transportation                                           $45,000

8                 Councilís 40th Anniversary                              $5,000

7                 Housing/SmartHomes/Universal design             $45,000

                   Medical Safeguards                                     $45,000

                   Grassroots Intensive Training                        $10,000

                   Internships for Students                               $45,500

6                 RoboWaiter                                                 $11,500

                   Circles of Support, PATH and MAPS                $45,000

                   CPBI or Freelance Writer                               $45,000

                   Emergency Preparedness Conference               $10,000

5                 CT Youth ADAPT                                            $8,100

                   Head Start Parents with Cognitive Limits            $6,000


                                                                   TOTAL       $484,100


          Mr. Preneta proposed that the Councilís 40th Anniversary be considered an ďAdministrative InitiativeĒ funded in the 2011 budget.  The anniversary will take place on March 2, 2011 with most expenses in 2011.  Planning will take place in 2010.  The total estimated cost of 2010 initiatives is then $479,100.

          Mr. Preneta also asked if there was any objection to an ďAdministrative InitiativeĒ to use $3,000 from within the Councilís operating budget for a researcher to research the papers of former Senator, Governor and parent Lowell Weicker to add to a national collection on the history of the developmental disabilities movement.  He said he has been working with Minnesota and Texas Council colleagues to collect and digitize records.  The remaining documents were Weickerís documents archived at the University of Virginia.  The researcher will be the former Director of the National Association of Councilís on Developmental Disabilities and former Director of the New Hampshire Council.  The Minnesota Council will digitize and post the records on the Web.  A link to the history has already been posted on the CT Councilís Web page.

          There was no objection.

          Ms. Adamczyk suggested there might be need for discussion of initiatives that received 4 and 3 votes.

          There was considerable discussion about eliminating initiatives that do not meet the Councilís mission, clarifying and combining proposed initiatives into new initiatives, and limiting Council initiatives to those receiving the most votes.

          Mr. Flanders moved to adopt initiatives receiving 5 or more votes.  Mr. Knight seconded.  The motion passed with Ms. Kelley, Mr. Paul and Ms. Smyth voting against and Mr. Keenan abstaining.

          Ms. Tyler initiated discussion on the Councilís procedure and process for determining new initiatives, including discussion as to whether or not the Council needed to establish a new Committee. 

          Ms. Taylor said the Council should be able to make such decisions through its existing standing committees.

          Ms. Tremarche said this could be an Executive Committee responsibility.

          Mr. Flanders moved that the Chair direct the Executive Committee to establish a set procedure to amend the State Plan and that no change in the State Plan be considered until the procedure is established.  Ms. Tyler seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

          Ms. Adamczyk immediately directed the Executive Committee to establish a set procedure to amend the State Plan.  She asked Council members to spend reading and thinking about initiatives for future discussion.


Executive Session Follow Up


          Ms. Adamczyk asked for discussion on how best to proceed with regard to following up on the Executive Session held during the Councilís June 16, 2009 meeting.

          There was considerable discussion about assuring that all activities of the Council and staff are transparent, that all initiatives involve Council members, and whether or not the Council needed a governance committee or if the responsibilities of the Executive Committee should be expanded. 

          Ms. Adamczyk asked that discussion be tabled.


Election of Chair and Vice Chair


          Mr. McCann distributed a ballot for Chair that included Ms. Hescock, Mr. Legault, Mr. Reed and Ms. Taylor.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Each was asked to make a statement about their interest.  Ms. Taylor withdrew her name from consideration. 

          Mr. Legault was elected Chair.

          Mr. McCann distributed a ballot for Vice Chair that included Ms. Hescock, Mr. Legault, Mr. Reed and Ms. Tremarche.  As required by Council bylaws, with the election of Mr. Legault as Chair, Mr. Reed was ineligible to run for Vice Chair.  Ms. Hescock withdrew her name from consideration.  Ms. Hayley was nominated and accepted as a candidate for Vice Chair.

          Ms. Tremarche was elected Vice Chair.


          Ms. Adamczyk thanked those Council members retiring from the Council and wished new Council members and new Council leaders the best of luck.

          Ms. Taylor made note that retiring Council members represented an extraordinary set of active and committed members who will be missed.  She thanked them all for their service.


          Ms. Lortie moved to adjourn.  Mr. Germain seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.


          The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.



                                                                   Respectfully submitted,




                                                                   Ed Preneta




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