CTCDD: APIE Minutes 1-5-2009

APIE Minutes 1-5-2009


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ATTENDANCE:  Joyce Baker, Kathryn duPree, Jennifer Lortie and Nancy Taylor 

ABSENT:  Steve Belske, Patricia Carrin, Leo Germain, and Jamie Graham

STAFF:  Mary-Ann Langton, Disability Policy Specialist

PERSONAL ASSISTANTS:  2 personal assistants


The meeting of the Public Information and Education was held at the Office of Protection and Advocacy in Hartford, CT.  The meeting began at 10:15 A.M.


A motion to approve the November Meeting Minutes was made by Ms. Taylor and seconded by Ms. du Pree.


Ms. Langton reported that there were two meetings with Ms. Ficca about the Community Toolkit.  Members selected the clippings from both the Able Lives Series and Inclusion Works that will be embedded within the power-point presentation.  Ms. Langton anticipates the completion of this toolkit to be done by the end of January.  A discussion was held about assembling these toolkits and finding a large room.  Ms. Baker will explore the possibility of using the community room at her apartment complex.  Ms. du Pree suggested passing a sign-up list around at the Council Meeting.  There was a discussion about how to distribute and who should receive these toolkits.


Ms. Taylor asked for an update on the Educational Toolkit.  Ms. Langton reported that all of the material has been given to Ms. Ficca.  She is working on the layout and graphics.  Then this toolkit will go to the printer.


Ms. Taylor reported that the second part of the Day of Respect at the LOB is cancelled.  However, the first part of the Day of Respect will be held at the Hartford Seminary on March 16, 2009.  Ms. Carrin has attended the planning meetings with Mr. Preneta and Ms. Spino. 


Ms. Langton reported that she is writing various articles for the 2009 Annual Book.  She will email the articles to the proofreader’s task force.  The people on the task force are: Ms. Taylor, Ms. Lortie, Ms. duPree, Ms. Baker and Ms. Adamczyk.  Ms. Taylor will take some pictures at the Council Meeting.  In addition, she offered to take some pictures for the annual book.  Ms. Taylor discussed that the theme for the stories will be on social inclusion.  The council members who will contribute stories are: Ms. Taylor, Ms. Lortie and Mr. Belske.


There was a discussion about creating a booklet about State and Support Services-How They Really Work.  Ms. duPree will email Ms. Taylor the guides that were done by the Department of Developmental Services.  Ms. Taylor asked to see the guides produced by other agencies.  Ms. Langton suggested that the links to these guides are on the CTCDD Web.


The next meeting will be held on Monday, February 2, 2009.


Respectfully Submitted,

Mary-Ann Langton

Disability Policy Specialist

CT Council on Developmental Disabilities




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