CTCDD: Planning 8-2-2007

Planning 8-2-2007

PRESENT:  Larry Carlson, Mary Eberle, Fred Frank, and Chad Sinanian
STAFF:   Mary Ann Langton and Ed Preneta
Ms. Adamczyk motioned to approve the Planning Minutes from June 14, 2007.  Mr. Carlson seconded. The motion was passed unanimously.
Ms. Eberle stated that the purpose of today's meeting is to discuss and prepare for the Council's discussion about governance vs. leadership.  The Committee wants to encourage the Council to focus on the strategic questions that would bring about more change for the Council.  Mr. Preneta said the Council has not focused on the big thinking strategic questions because there has been too much business at Council meetings.  He suggested that there be a strategic question at each Council Meeting.
The Committee discussed many possible ways that the Council could move toward the direction of governance.  Ms. Langton has observed that initiatives have a greater success rate when there is an active participation from council members.  Ms. Eberle said that there is a delicate balance regarding how much involvement should be sought from Council Members.  She then raised the possibility of increasing the number of staff for the Council.
The Committee talked about how the Council would be more effective if the members could have a fuller understanding of the Council's mission and beliefs.  Mr. Carlson talked about the challenges of being a person who represents a state agency.  He gave suggestions for how state agency members could be better utilized.
Members expressed concerns about not being as involved with grants, as some of the Council's grants have resulted in systematic changes. The Council may want to re-consider how grants are solicited.
The Council budget would still be important business to consider at Council meetings.  Members shared their thoughts about how the budget could be simplified and easier to understand.
Mr. Preneta agreed to develop a question that would stimulate discussion for the next Council meeting.  The question would assist members to think about the beliefs, values, organization and mission for the Council.  He will email the question to the members before the agenda is sent to the Council.
Respectfully Submitted,
Mary-Ann Langton
Disability Policy Specialist
CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

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