CTCDD: Policy Meeting 6-14-07

Policy Meeting 6-14-07

PRESENT:  Larry Carlson, Mary Eberle, Fred Frank, and Julia Rusert
ABSENT:  Chad Sinanian
STAFF:   Mary Ann Langton and Ed Preneta
Mary Eberle called the Planning Committee to order at 12:10 p.m.  She talked about the mission of the committee.
The minutes were approved unanimously.  Ms. Rusert agreed to give the committee report to the Council due to the fact that Ms. Eberle will not present at the Council Meeting.  During the months when there are no Council Meetings, the committee will meet on the second Tuesdays of the month.  However in October the committee will meet on Tuesday, October 16, 2007.  Ms. Langton agreed to send dates of meetings to the members.
Mr. Preneta discussed the roles between governance vs. generative, and how this change could affect the Council. There has been a higher success rate of grants when council members are more engaged and collaborate with grantees.
The committee will present the concept of the governance vs. leadership at the September Council meeting.  There was a discussion about making sure that the self-advocates understand this topic, and its implications to the Council.
Ms. Langton commented that the committee should look at the grants for 2008 and prepare recommendations for the Council Meeting.  There was a discussion about CPTV and their work with the Council.  Members felt the Council needed to contract with UCONN Center for Survey Research and Analysis to examine the outcomes of the Able Lives series.  Ms. Langton proposed allotting funds to bring in speakers who can present on Personal Assistant Services and how to develop a good back-up system.  It is difficult for employers to develop an effective personal assistantsí back-up system.  However, this initiative would assist people who are transitioning from nursing homes into the community. Ms. Langton is planning to work with Senator Harris regarding affordable health insurance for personal assistants.  Ms. Ruset talked about the work of CT-PASS, and thought that the curriculum may be useful when people transition out of nursing homes.  
Recommendations for funding will be made to the Council about Able Lives Series, UCONN Center for Survey Research and Analysis, ADAPT, Social Role Valorization training (Life Threatening Public Policy) and Trinity College Robotics.  Ms. Rusert will tell the Council that the committee is looking at other initiatives and will make recommendations to the Council in September. 
Ms. Langton said that she would email future state plans, and asked for input from the members.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Mary-Ann Langton
Disability Policy Specialist
CT Council on Developmental Disabilities

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