CTCDD: AR2003 How DD Dollars were Spent


The CT Council on Developmental Disabilities operates entirely with federal developmental disabilities funds, which are distributed among the states under a formula based on population, per capita income, unemployment rate, and Social Security disability statistics. In 2003, the Council received an allotment of $650,630. The Council also carried over $7,446 of 2002 funds for use during 2002. In July 2003, the Council and the State Department of Education (SDE) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that transferred $10,000 of SDE funds to the Council for Kids As Self-Advocates (KASA). The Council used $4,318 of these funds during 2003. The Council's total 2003 budget was $662,394. Including funds from SDE, the Council leveraged an additional $142,710 in matching funds.

2003 Grantees
ADAPT of CT $1,000
Americans with Disabilities Act Coalition of CT (ADACC) Codification of the ADA $30,000
Communitas, Inc. for the CT Association of Personal Assistants (CTAPA) $22,245
CT Association of Centers for Independent Living (CACIL) for the CT Olmstead Coalition $49,909
CT Family Support, Self-Determination and People FirstConference $9,918
CT Kids As Self-Advocates (KASA) $10,318
CT Lifespan Respite Coalition (CLRC) $41,000
University of CT Health Center, University Center for Excellence (UCE) Partners In Policymaking $61,658
Understanding Special Education (USE) $100,000
Subtotal $326,048

2003 Council and Staff Initiated Activities
Ad hoc Council Member Support Committee $1,430
Riding The Bus With My Sister Conference $100
Staff Program Activities: CT Chapter of Kids As Self-Advocates, CT Family Support Conference, DD Network, Department of Education's Continuous Improvement Partnership Team, CT's Multicultural Early Childhood Team, Long Term Care Advisory Commission, Real Choice Model Communities and Nursing Facility Transition Grants, Department of Social Services' Council for Persons with Disabilities, Testified on 4 bills before the CT General Assembly and served as Project Officers to Council grantees $90,294
Subtotal $91,824
Administration - 5% of the federal formula grant goes directly to the CT General Fund $32,532
Council Office and staff $164,427
Subtotal $196,959
Carried over for use in 2004 $47,563
Total $662,394
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