CID: Current List of Bulletins


08/10/2018 (NEW) BULLETIN HC-122 Definition of “Employer” under Section 3(5) of ERISA – Association Health Plans
08/09/2018 (NEW) BULLETIN HC-121 Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Policies
08/01/2018 (NEW) BULLETIN HC-120 Stop Loss Insurance Coverage AKA Excess Reimbursement Insurance Policies or Excess Insurance Coverage Policies (This bulletin rescinds, and then combines provisions of four bulletins HC-108 & PC-80 and HC-95 & PC-75)
05/09/2018 BULLETIN FS-33 Expansion and Corporate Amendment Applications - Seasoning Requirements
02/21/2018 BULLETIN HC-119 Moratorium on Health Insurance Provider Fee
01/31/2018 BULLETIN HC-117-18 Network Adequacy Review (repealed and replaced HC-117-17)
01/31/2018 BULLETIN HC-90-18 Filing Requirements For Individual and Small Employer Group Health Insurance Policies Subject to The Affordable Care Act (ACA)
01/31/2018 BULLETIN HC-81-18 Health Insurance Rate Filing Submission Guidelines

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