CHRO: The Office of Public Hearings (OPH)

The Office of Public Hearings (OPH)


450 Columbus Boulevard

Hartford, CT 06103

Office                           860-418-8770

Fax                               860-418-8780

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The Office of Public Hearings can be contacted at 860-418-8770.


At the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, the Office of Public Hearings (OPH) is responsible for scheduling and conducting all phases of the public hearing process in contested discrimination cases under the Commission's jurisdiction and in certain types of whistleblower retaliation cases. Within the OPH, the Chief Human Rights Referee administers the operations of the unit and assigns cases to the other Human Rights Referees. All of the referees are gubernatorial appointees, subject to legislative approval, who function independently from the rest of the Commission.


Human Rights Referee Decisions

Whistleblower Retaliation Cases: Referee Decisions, Rulings and Index

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