CEQ: Notice of Checklist January 2009

 NOTICE Of NEW PUBLICATION :   Checklist of Environmental



The Council on Environmental Quality delivered its first annual checklist of environmental recommendations to Governor M. Jodi Rell and the General Assembly on January 6, 2009.


Officially titled Checklist of Recommended Legislation to Remedy Connecticut’s Biggest Environmental Deficiencies, the one-page report fulfills the Council’s legal responsibility to submit such recommendations annually.  CGS Section 22a-12 requires the Council to report on environmental trends and recommend legislation “for remedying the deficiencies of existing programs and activities.” 


Council Chair Barbara C. Wagner of Glastonbury said in her letter to Governor Rell, “In the past, our recommendations were found throughout the longer annual report.   We now plan to consolidate the relevant recommendations each January while continuing our practice of releasing the annual report of environmental trends and conditions in late spring.”


Wagner continued, “Many of the goals – clean rivers, farmland and open space conservation, recycling – will only be met through continued capital investment.  The Council is fully aware of the current fiscal crisis and that not every goal can be met this year.   Should any legislator or other citizen wish to know what is required to meet environmental goals, we hope this report will provide a useful reference.”


The final recommendations on the checklist are from the Council’s October 2008 special report, Swamped, and would improve the inland wetlands and watercourses program at no additional cost, Wagner said.


A limited number of paper copies are available from the Council’s office.

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