CCT: Connecticut Arts Council & Connecticut Arts Council Foundation

Connecticut Arts Council & Connecticut Arts Council Foundation


The Connecticut Arts Council was established within the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) by Public Act 13-247.

The Council members are appointed by the Governor and legislative leaders for a maximum of two (2) three-year or four-year terms.

The Council consists of thirteen (13) members; with the commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development serving in an ex officio, voting capacity; and one (1) member, a designated DECD staff person serving in an ex officio, non-voting capacity.  The Council relies on staff support from the Connecticut Office of the Arts. 

Chairman Fritz Jellinghaus
{Chairman Fritz Jellinghaus} As a consultant, senior executive and board member, Fritz Jellinghaus has had a 40-year career fundraising for leading arts, cultural and educational organizations, as well as advising major corporations on corporate social responsibility and cultural marketing. Jellinghaus is currently Vice President of Development at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Old Lyme. Prior to joining the College, he was Director of Leadership Giving at Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk. He was te founder and president of several consulting businesses, including Jellinghaus & Associates, Inc., a New York City and Chester, Connecticut, marketing/fundraising consulting firm that developed and promoted alliances between business and cultural/educational organizations. He is President Emeritus of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County and a member of the steering committee to establish the Southeastern Connecticut Cultural Coalition. In the late 80ís and early 90ís, he was a three-term appointee of the Connecticut Speaker of the House to the state Commission on the Arts. He has been a board member of the International Festival of Arts & Ideas, the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, the Science Center of Connecticut, the Palm Beach County Cultural Task Force, and the and the Westport Arts Center.

Pedro Bermudez - image & bio pending
Christopher Bruhl - image & bio pending
Jan Dilenschneider- Image & bio pending
Helen Klisser During
{Headshot of Helen During} Helen Klisser During shares her passion, insight and comprehensive understanding of the art world with clients by providing introductions, connections and direct access to major artists' studios, new talent, leading galleries, museums, art fairs, auction houses and private collections globally.  She is an international consultant to Gibbs Farm (New Zealand) and The Hall Art Foundation (Massachusetts, Vermont, and Germany); and serves as International Ambassador for Auckland Art GalleryAuckland University of Technology (New Zealand), The Aspen Institute Initiative (New Zealand), and UN Live: Museum for the United Nations (Denmark). Helen is a founding member of the Connecticut Arts Council, Chair of the Connecticut Artists Collection Advisory Committee, and the co-founder of #UNLOAD: Arts Trigger a Conversation, a statewide organization to promote conversation through the arts about gun violence prevention. In addition, Helen is an award-winning photojournalist who has taken on assignments worldwide, including for The United Nations in Africa, AmeriCares in South America, and Carma Foundation in Haiti. Helen is the still photographer for Gaylene Preston's 2016 documentary film "My Year with Helen," and her photographs have been published in a wide range of national and international publications.  
Secretary Mary Ellen Eckells - Image & bio pending

Titus Kaphar - Image & bio pending

Catherine Smith, ex officio

Treasurer Ted Yudain - Image & bio pending

The Connecticut Arts Council Foundation
The Connecticut Arts Council manages a nonprofit foundation, the Connecticut Arts Council Foundation.  The Foundation can receive, solicit, contract for and collect funds (or any other things tangible or intangible) and disburse funds for purposes of fostering the creation, preservation and expansion of the arts in the state.

The members of the Conneticut Arts Council serve as the board of directors of the Connecticut Arts Council Foundation.   The Foundation relies on staff support from the Connecticut Office of the Arts.
Board of Directors

Fritz Jellinghaus,
Pedro Bermudez
Christopher Bruhl
Jan Dilenschneider

Helen During
Mary Ellen Eckells, Secretary
Titus Kaphar
Catherine Smith,
ex officio
 Ted Yudain, Treasurer




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