CCT: Connecticut Folk & Traditional Arts Programming

Connecticut Folk and Traditional Arts Program
Connecticut's Folk and Traditional Arts Program, known as the Cultural Heritage Arts Program (CHAP) is a program of the Connecticut Historical Society and was originally established by the Institute for Community Research in 1991.
CHAP is COA's long standing partner which helps us to reach and engage with the state's growing ethnically diverse populations.
CHAP encourages and promotes traditional artists and their communities through research and program development.  Traditions and the cultural histories of these communities are preserved and carried forward to new audiences.  The work of CHAP is vital to COA's creative placemaking initiative and has great impact on the character and development of Connecticut's cities, towns, and villages. 

The Sewing Circle Project 

Since 2007 CHAP has assisted a talented group of immigrant and refugee artists through the Sewing Circle Project to continue producing their exquisite textile arts while improving their social engagement and English-language skills.

Southern New England Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program

Bringing together master folk artists with students in CT, RI, and MA; CHAP coordinates the Southern New England Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program (now in its 16th year).

The Ethnic Festivals Podcasts 

Experience the many cultures of Connecticut.  WNPR has collaborated with the Institute for Community Research to cover some of the many ethnic festivals in the state.

More about CHAP:

CHAP locates and interviews artists from their communities, photographs or records their work, and learns from them about their art forms. Information, images, and recordings from fieldwork are organized and stored in CHAPís archive.


CHAP mentors artists, connecting them with appropriate resources for their work and advising on topics such as presentation methods and curriculum development.


CHAP shares information about traditional artists, art forms, and Connecticutís diverse communities with individuals, arts presenters, educators, and community organizations. 

CHAP provides opportunities for audiences to interact directly with communities and artists they might not otherwise meet.

To learn more about CHAP and contact the program, email or call 860-236-5621 x 235

or contact the COA CHAP program liaison, Tamara Dimitri by email at

Past Notable Events

Mas: Costumes from Hartford's West Indian Community Press Release

Mas: Costumes from Hartford's West Indian Community YouTube Video


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