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CAES in the News

January 13, 2019--Connecticut not likely to see drop in Lyme disease cases

January 8, 2019--It Takes a Mosquito to Fight a Mosquito

December 22, 2018--Robert Miller: The beauty and danger of ice storms

December 6, 2018--How Do You Measure How Much Carbon Is In A Tree?

December 3, 2018--CDC warns of exotic ticks spreading across the nation that may carry diseases

November 3, 2018--Robert Miller: Why you might see fewer squirrels next year

November 1, 2018--Connecticut Reports First Person Bitten by East Asian Longhorned Tick

October 20, 2018--Robert Miller’s Earth Matters: Explosion of West Nile cases bugging health, state officials

October 20, 2018--Towns struggle with removing ash trees killed by invasive pest

October 19, 2018--The Wonderful World of Composting presentation at library

October 19, 2018--UConn research scientists issue warning on rare tick

October 18, 2018--Greenwich Grown Hosts Pollinator Potluck Event

October 9, 2018--North Stonington takes precautionary measures against EEE

October 9, 2018--North Stonington takes precautionary measures against EEE

October 3, 2018--Mosquitoes with Eastern equine encephalitis found in Conn.

October 2, 2018--Officials: New tick species spotted in Fairfield County

October 2, 2018--Mosquito borne virus, EEE, detected in Connecticut

October 2, 2018--Exotic East Asian Longhorned Tick Bites First Human in Connecticut: Officials

October 1, 2018--The exotic bite of the Asian Longhorned Bites First Human in Connecticut: the officials

October 1, 2018--'Leaf peeping' season in Connecticut brings travelers to the state

October 1, 2018--First person bitten by east Asian longhorned tick

October 1, 2018--Mosquito in Connecticut Tests Positive For Eastern Equine Encephalitis

October 1, 2018--First exotic man from Connecticut: exotic long horn ticks from East Asia

September 26, 2018--Food & Fig Festival to debut Saturday at Savin Rock shore in West Haven

September 20, 2018--High Yield Modern Farming Better for the Environment, Says Nature Study

September 17, 2018--UTEP Graduate’s Work in Nanotechnology Featured in White House Budget Supplement

September 15, 2018--Robert Miller: See mugwort — get rid of it. All of it. 

September 14, 2018--Dialogue: 169 Dr. Theodore Andreadis

September 12, 2018--Weed Problems Keep Growing at Lake Quonnipaug

September 11, 2018--Fight Next Year’s Weeds Right Now

September 10, 2018--Do lots of ticks mean lots of Lyme? Maybe not

September 5, 2018--Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile in Cheshire

September 3, 2018--Environmentalists question safety of state’s weed-killing program

September 2, 2018--GHS student’s Zika detection project rakes in $50,000

August 24, 2018--Risk of West Nile Virus Continues: Positive Mosquitoes Detected in 40 Connecticut Towns

August 24, 2018--State warns of increased West Nile virus risk, especially for elderly

August 23, 2018--For Gardens and Pollinators, Goldenrod Is Pure Gold

August 23, 2018--Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus in 40 CT towns

August 22, 2018--Green and Growing: For gardens and pollinators, goldenrod is pure gold

August 22, 2018--Officials warn of increasing danger of dead trees in Connecticut

August 15, 2018--UTEP Chemistry Professor Featured in Renowned Scientific Journal

August 11, 2018--Fairfield Resident Hospitalized For West Nile Virus

August 10, 2018--Two confirmed cases of West Nile Virus this season

August 10, 2018--2 Connecticut residents test positive for West Nile virus

August 9, 2018--Nanoparticles, antibiotics new tools to fight plant problems
August 8, 2018--CT Agricultural Experiment Station 108th Plant Science Day

August 7, 2018--West Nile virus found in North Branford, Wethersfield mosquitoes

August 7, 2018--North Branford mosquitoes test positive for West Nile

August 3, 2018--West Nile virus-infected mosquitoes found in 19 towns

August 2, 2018--Public health officials warn of increased West Nile activity

August 1, 2018--Mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus found in Hartford

July 30, 2018--Pesticides on state’s food at safe levels, state agency says

July 27, 2018--West Nile Virus Spreads in Connecticut; Found in Bridgeport

July 26, 2018-- CAES: Mosquito Trapping and Testing Report 07-23-2018

July 25, 2018--West Nile Virus found in mosquitoes in numerous Connecticut towns/cities

July 24, 2018-- Mosquito in Franklin tests positive for West Nile; it's the first time in 20 years

July 24, 2018--Community News For The Stafford Edition

July 19, 2018--Residents urged to protect against mosquito bites

July 18, 2018--West Nile virus-infected mosquitoes found nearby

July 17, 2018--Mosquitoes Test Positive for West Nile Virus in Five Connecticut Towns

July 17, 2018--Art And The New England Farm

July 15, 2018--Citizen scientists use wasps to track invasive emerald ash borer

July 14, 2018--Exploring The Last Green Valley: For a touch of sweetness, visit your local beekeeper

July 11, 2018--Is It Lyme Disease?

July 5, 2018--Health Director: ‘Perfect Mosquito Breeding Weather’

July 3, 2018--Connecticut's Tick 'Crisis' Won't Be Going Away Anytime Soon   

June 26, 2018--Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

June 26, 2018--Peak tick season arrives with increased Lyme disease infection

June 25, 2018--Up to 90,000 Americans Think Their Bodies Are Infested by Insects 

June 22, 2018--12 “Innocent” Tick Mistakes That Are Putting Your Health in Danger

June 22, 2018--Think Your Body Is Infested With Insects? You're Not Alone.

June 16, 2018--Robert Miller: Beware the spotted lanternfly heading our way

June 16, 2018--Connecticut already having a ‘robust’ mosquito season

June 15, 2018--State experts renew tick warnings ahead of summer

June 14, 2018--Percentage of Connecticut ticks testing positive for Lyme climbs

June 6, 2018--Report: Climate Change Increasing Connecticut's Risk For Mosquito-Borne Disease

June 5, 2018--State crews set mosquito traps for the summer

June 5, 2018--State begins mosquito testing for the season

June 5, 2018--Testing Begins For Mosquito-Borne Illnesses In Connecticut   

June 5, 2018--Green and Growing: Good plant selection called the key to reducing maintenance woes

June 5, 2018--Which of your fruits and veggies are the dirtiest

June 2, 2018--In battle against ticks, most burden still lies on humans to avoid bites

June 2, 2018--Robert Miller: What has two wings, five eyes, six legs and eats its mate?

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