BESB: Budget Summary 2012

Budget Summary 2012

BESB Business Enterprises Program Budget Summary



FY 2012


For the Business Enterprises Program, in fiscal year 2012, the total

gross program income from all sources was $1,993,693. Of that amount,

the gross Coca-Cola income was $1,255,232. Carry over funding from

the prior fiscal year was $579,550, making $2,573,243 available during FY

12. Total expenses in the Program for FY 12 were $2,279,034. The fiscal

year end balance was $294,209.  This reflects an overall decrease of

$285,340 from the prior fiscal year.


 Major expenses in FY 12 were as follows:


1. Program Trainers and Administrative/Support Staff: $1,480,055


2. Purchases for existing locations: $26,503*


3. Purchases and build outs for new locations: $0*


4. Client placements from BESB Industries: $0


5. Commissions and permits for BEP Operators: $116,235*


6. Maintenance services for BEP locations: $93,095*


7. Initial Inventory and Stock for BEP Operators: $7,621*


8. Health Insurance and Retirement for BEP Operators: $331,691*


9. Shared commissions with agencies/colleges: $33,124


10. Training stipends for BEP trainees:  $0


11. Temporary facility coverage services: $0


12. Utility Costs for BEP locations: $50,629*


13. Storage Rentals for BEP locations: $3,917*


14. Incentive Plan for BEP Managers: $54,496*


15. Miscellaneous Expenses: $81,670


In total, $684,186 (cumulative total of categories with asterisks in the above analysis), or 34.3% of the overall program income in 2012 (54.5% of the Coca-Cola revenues) was spent on Business Enterprise Program ventures at new and/or existing locations, for facility improvements, maintenance, expansion, and for the betterment of income and incentives to operators in the program.

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