BESB: Budget Summary 2011

BESB Business Enterprises Program Budget Summary



FY 2011


For the Business Enterprises Program, in fiscal year 2011, the total

gross program income from all sources was $2,060,644. Of that amount,

the gross Coca-Cola income was $1,313,522. Carry over funding from

the prior fiscal year was $989,814, making $3,050,458 available during FY

11. Total expenses in the Program for FY 11 were $2,470,908. The fiscal

year end balance was $579,550.  This reflects an overall decrease of

$410,264 from the prior fiscal year.


 Major expenses in FY 11 were as follows:


1. Program Trainers and Administrative/Support Staff: $1,509,948


2. Purchases for existing locations: $35,274*


3. Purchases and build outs for new locations: $0*


4. Client placements from BESB Industries: $61,796


5. Commissions and permits for BEP Operators: $118,414*


6. Maintenance services for BEP locations: $73,437*


7. Initial Inventory and Stock for BEP Operators: $0*


8. Health Insurance and Retirement for BEP Operators: $364,905*


9. Shared commissions with agencies/colleges: $84,646


10. Training stipends for BEP trainees:  $9,248


11. Temporary facility coverage services: $0


12. Utility Costs for BEP locations: $45,584*


13. Storage Rentals for BEP locations: $840*


14. Incentive Plan for BEP Managers: $89,098*


15. Miscellaneous Expenses: $77,718


In total, $727,552 (cumulative total of categories with asterisks in the above analysis), or 35.3% of the overall program income in 2011 (55.3% of the Coca-Cola revenues) was spent on Business Enterprise Program ventures at new and/or existing locations, for facility improvements, maintenance, expansion, and for the betterment of income and incentives to operators in the program.


Note: A correction to FY 10 income, resulted in a $60 increase in the FY 10 carryover.

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