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{Peer 2 Peer}
I Need a Peer 2 Peer!

What is "Peer Support"?
  • A peer/individual who has experiences and strategies to SHARE with you.
  • LEARN from others {Cartoon characters sharing information}
  • ASSISTS  you on your “life journey”
  • HIRE a peer support with your DDS funding.
  • Short term SUPPORT based on life goals.

  • How to manage and be independent at home.
  • How to self-direct your own supports.
  • How to find, get and maintain a job.
  • How to advance in a chosen career.
  • How to access and build community supports.

Who is a Peer Support?
  • A person/peer who is paid to provide you with their expertise
  • A person/peer who has life experiences to share
  • A person/peer who presently receives supports through a waivered service
  • A person/peer who has developed a resume explaining their experiences and how they can support others on their life journey
  • A person/peer who is qualified to provide Peer Support {Cartoon Character with question mark}

Why and When should I ask for a Peer to Support ME?
  • You want advice from someone who has already experienced what you want to do or what you want to try to do

  • You want to learn from a peer and get their ideas and learn from their personal experiences

  • You are looking to hire a peer to learn from their life experiences

  • You want advice about life choices such as:
    • Moving to a new home
    • Changing from a group home to a more independent living situation
    • Getting Real Work for Real Pay jobs
    • Learning how to live a self determined life
    • Learning how to find friends and get connected in your community
    • Figuring out what makes you happy
    • Supporting you to develop a Circle of Support or a group of people that support you and love you
      {Cartoon character standing with blue question mark}
Can Anyone Get A Peer 2 Peer Support?
  • A Peer 2 Peer support is available to any individuals receiving supports and services from the CT DDS.
  • You must have available funding in your supports to pay for your Peer 2 Peer
  • This is a service provided through the HCBS Waiver
  • This is short term support to assist you to become more independent in your life

LOCATING A PEER SUPPORT {Picture of Earth with words Where on Earth? on top}
  • Look on DDS Advocate’s Corner for contacts.
  • Contact the Peer Support through email.
  • Request the Peer Support’s resume.
  • Interview the Peer Support and see if they have experience and skills you like.
  • Do you feel comfortable with the Peer Support?
  • Contact your Case Manager to assist.

I Want to Be A Peer 2 Peer Support
{Cartoon character holding magnifying glass over the word JOBS}
How Do I Qualify to be a Peer 2 Peer Support?
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  •  Minimum 2 years of personal experience
    • Personal experience related to:
    • How to manage your home
    • How to manage Direct Support Professionals – private hire staff
    • How to find a job and maintain the job
    • How to advance in a chosen career
    • How to access your community
    • How to build community supports

Any Other Qualifications? {Cartoon character looking at paper with ready and not ready written on it.}
  • Peer Support follows instructions given by the person hiring them

  • Peer Support is responsible for providing progress of the person’s skills or understanding

  • Peer Support MUST maintain confidentiality

  • Peer Support meets the person’s needs as indicated in their IP

  • Peer Support is part of the person’s PST if asked

  • Peer Support has participated in Healthy Relationship Training

  • Peer Support knows how to respond to fire and emergency situations

  • The Peer Support follows directions and accepts supervision from the participant or the participant’s conservator and or DDS depending on the Peer Support provided

  • Peer Support maintains accurate, complete and timely records that meet Medicaid requirements

  • Peer Support provides services in a respectful culturally competent manner

  • Peer Support uses effective Peer Support Practices.

  • Develop a resume.
  • Establish your own email address
  • Minimum 2 years of personal experience in 1 or more areas. (resume)
    1. Personal experience in at least one of the related areas:
    2. How to manage the participants home,
    3. How to manage self-direction of supports,
    4. How to find a job or maintain a job,
    5. How to advance in chosen career,
    6. How to access the community and build community supports
  • Electronically Complete the Qualified Vendor Form on DDS Website.
    1. Individual Practitioner
  • Submit resume and Qualified Vendor Form to Debra Lynch, DDS Central Office.
  • Application will be reviewed and you will be notified if accepted.

{Cartoon character walking with briefcase in front of the word JOB}

{Check mark with Yes!}
Is This A Real Job?
  • You are a professional

  • You are to dress for success

  • You need to document your support and interaction with the person – maintain a time sheet

  • You have a responsibility and need to be reliable

  • Maintain confidentiality

  • This is a professional relationship – you work for the person that hires you

  • You are paid by the employer that hires you to be the Peer Support

Tips to being a professional Peer Support
  • Have your own email address – people need to contact you

  • Create a resume – people need to know your experiences

  • Have reliable transportation to do your job BUT You are not responsible for your employer’s transportation

  • Know how to track your work time on a timesheet

  • REMEMBER this is a short term job so you want to make the best of the time with the person

Additional information about Peer 2 Peer

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