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12/10/2010Aging and Your Eyes
12/10/2010Aging and Developmental Disabilities
11/18/2010Aging Home Page


2/16/2011Helpful Links
2/16/2011DDS Dental Newsletter
11/24/2010Instruments You Will Find in the Dental Office
11/18/2010Dental Health Home Page

6/20/2011Using Your Barbeque Safely
6/16/2011Using Your Barbeque Safely
6/29/2010Outdoor Food Safety
6/29/2010When Food Goes Bad
6/29/2010Home Cooking the Right Way
6/29/2010Fast Food Check List
6/28/2010Fast Food and Your Health
6/28/2010If you Eat Fast Food, Make Good Choices
6/28/2010Eating Healthy Home Page
6/28/2010Eat Right, Stay Healthy

6/30/2010Feeling Good About Your Weight
6/29/2010Losing Weight
6/29/2010Supporting Exercise for Consumers
6/29/2010Exercises You Can Do In Your Wheelchair
6/29/2010Exercise Tips for People Who Have Seizures
6/29/2010Your Exercise Log
6/29/2010The Safe Way to Exercise
6/29/2010Stay Active and Stay Healthy
6/29/2010Exercise and Healthy Choices Home Page

3/29/2011File of Life Program
3/29/2011Fire Prevention and Safety Training Updates
3/29/2011Fire Prevention and Safety Tips Brochure
3/29/2011Fire Safety Training and Information for Support Staff
3/29/2011Fire Safety Training for Individuals and Families
3/29/2011Fire Safety Prevention, Safety Training and Awareness

12/14/2010Life Changes
11/18/2010Handling Change Home Page

3/4/2011Understanding Ears, Nose and Throat Infections
11/22/2010Seasonal Allergies
11/22/2010How to Stop Smoking
11/22/2010How to Check Yourself for Skin Cancer
11/22/2010How to Check Yourself for Breast Cancer
11/22/2010How to Check Yourself for Testicular Cancer
11/18/2010What is Cancer?
11/18/2010Health Issues Home Page
11/18/2010Getting Tested for Health Problems

9/14/2010Safety Net Home Page

12/10/2010About Depression
12/6/2010If You Need Someone to Talk To
12/6/2010Deep Breathing
11/23/2010When Worrying Gets You Down
11/23/2010Getting Mad and Getting Over It
11/22/2010Handling Your Emotions
11/18/2010Mental Health Home Page

11/29/2012Have Safe, Meaningful and Empowering Relationships
  The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) “Healthy Relationships” curriculum was the focus of three day training in October. DDS employees from around the state participated in the training to promote healthy relationships for all consumers...
11/18/2010Relationships Home Page

6/16/2011Getting Ready to Go to the Doctor
3/3/2011Preventing Sun Damage and Dehydration
6/23/2010Preventing and Managing Diabetes
6/23/2010Drinking Too Much Alcohol
6/23/2010How to Stop Smoking
6/23/2010Vaccination Guidelines for Adults
6/23/2010Preventive Health Care Check-Ups
6/23/2010How to Avoid Health Problems
6/23/2010Keep Yourself Safe from Germs
6/23/2010Washing Your Hands
6/23/2010My Checklist for a Healthy Life
6/23/2010Healthy Lifestyle Choices
6/23/2010Staying Healthy

11/18/2010Developming a Healthy Profile
11/18/2010Vaccination Guidelines for Adults
11/18/2010Shots Can Keep You Healthy
11/18/2010Talking to the Pharmacist About Medicine
11/18/2010The Check-Up
11/18/2010A Visit with the Doctor
11/18/2010Ask-the Doctor Checklist
11/18/2010Visiting the Doctor
11/17/2010Finding a Doctor

12/14/2010Saving Money When Shopping for Food
12/14/2010Saving for Things You Need or Want
11/18/2010Your Budget

3/4/2011It's Your Choice
12/14/2010Exploring Your Community
12/14/2010Having a Partner
12/14/2010Healthy Friendships and Relationships
12/13/2010The Safe Choice
11/18/2010Your Choices Home Page

3/3/2011Hypothermia and Frostbite
1/6/2011Drowning Prevention
1/6/2011Safe Ways to Get Around
1/6/2011Stay Safe on the Internet
1/6/2011Using Your Barbeque Safely
7/6/2010Stay Cool in Hot Weather
6/30/2010Fire Prevention and Safety Training
6/30/2010Your Safety Home Page
6/29/2010Preparing Your First Aid Kit