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P.O. Box 1842, 34 Park Street, New Haven, CT 06519
(203) 974-7300   (203) 974-7295 (TDD)

The Connecticut Mental Health Center is a cooperative endeavor of DMHAS and the Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.

Director:  Michael Sernyak, MD
Chief Operating Officer:  Robert Cole, MHSA
Medical Director:  Jeanne Steiner, DO
Director of Clinical Services:  Margaret Bailey, LCSW
Executive Director, Community Services Network:  Thomas Styron, PhD


To carry forward the tradition embodied in the Vision Statement, the Connecticut Mental Health Center must meet the challenge posed by fundamental changes in the financing and organization of behavioral health services in the public sector.  It must actively engage these challenges or risk losing its leading role in service delivery, research, and education.  Continued success means transforming our systems of care to be suitable to the new environment, while preserving our fundamental commitment to excellent culturally sensitive, clinical, rehabilitative, and preventative services, linked to nationally recognized research and educational programs. 

The missions of the Center are:

  • Service:  To provide the latest treatments and comprehensive behavioral health services in the community to disadvantaged individuals suffering form serious mental illness and/or addiction disorders.  As treatment cannot stand alone, we are committed to closely coordinated and integrated psychosocial, rehabilitative and residential services.  Our ultimate goal is to provide the services and support that enable ill individuals to participate in community life.  
  • Education:  To educate those entering the mental health professions, to enhance the professional knowledge and skills of current staff, and to make our academic work accessible to a wide audience through public forums.  
  • Research:    To understand the nature of psychiatric and addictive disorders for the purpose of improved diagnosis, treatment, prevention and policy.  
  • Community:   To catalyze discussion and solutions for problems that affect our culturally diverse neighborhoods and community.


  • Excellence in behavioral health care, education, research, and community service.
  • Responsibility to our patients and their families for service with integrity and honesty.
  • Respect for patients, families, staff, and communities of diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Balance among our missions of behavioral health care, research, education, and community.
  • Accountability to our recipients of service, families, governing bodies, and the community for efficient and cost-effective use of personal, professional, and community resources.
  • Curiosity, learning, and innovation in pursuit of our goals.


The Connecticut Mental Health Center is an urban, community mental health center, owned by the State of Connecticut and operated by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in partnership with Yale University Department of Psychiatry.  We are proud of an exceptional, 30-year tradition of serving disadvantaged persons with serious illness from diverse cultural backgrounds.  The Center provides innovative services and solutions to challenging problems of patient care, drawing on research into causes, treatment, and prevention of behavioral disorders.  In addition, the Center is committed to educating the next generation of behavioral health professionals, who will not only care for the seriously ill but also continue the missions of education and research into the nature and treatment of serious mental and addictive disorders.

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