DEEP: Vermicomposting Pilot Project Photo Gallery

Composting Institutional Food Scraps with Worms (Vermicomposting)
Photo Gallery

The following are photographs of the greenhouse construction and set-up of the worm bins.  Select the photograph for a larger image.

{Breaking ground for greenhouse construction} Breaking Ground

{Interior of greenhouse} Greenhouse Interior
{Greenhouse pad} Greenhouse Pad {empty worm bin} Empty Worm Bin

{Greenhouse frame} Greenhouse Frame

{Worm bin filled with bedding} Worm Bin Filled with Bedding

{Greenhouse enclosed} Greenhouse Enclosed

{Several worm bins on pallet tracks} Several Worm Bins on Pallet Racks
{Scale for weighting food and thermometer for monitoring greenhouse temperature } Scale for Weighing Food Scraps and Thermometer for Monitoring Greenhouse Temperature {Wig worm demonstration bin} The "Wig Worm" Demonstration Bin

These photographs are of the official kick-off event with second graders from Spencer Elementary School.  Select the photograph for a larger image.

{Students arrive at greenhouse site} Students Arrive {Students outside on a blanket listening to teacher at story time }
Story Time "Diary of a Worm"
{Students gathering in greenhouse} Gathering in Greenhouse {Students screening compost } Screening Compost
{Students feeding the worms } Feeding the Worms
{Results of gardening activity in the greenhouse} Results of Gardening Activity
{students holding red wigglers worms in hand palms} Red Wigglers

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