DEEP: Statutes and Regulations

Aquifer Protection Area Statutes and Regulations
Aquifer Protection Area Program statutes and regulations were developed to create a protection program for our aquifer resources supporting high yield public supply well fields. The statutes and regulations outline mapping procedures and land use controls to be established in these areas to minimize potential contamination of the well fields. The regulations restrict development of new land use activities that use, store, handle or dispose of hazardous materials and require existing uses of this type to register with either the DEEP or the local Aquifer Protection Agency.
Legislative and Regulatory Advisory
Model Municipal Aquifer Protection Area Regulations
Model Municipal Regulations (Word) (Revised 10/1/10)
Connecticut General Statutes
State Land Use Regulations
Aquifer Protection Area Land Use Regulations (R.C.S.A. 22a-354i-1 through 10)
Hearing Report August 29, 2003 (Statement of Reasons Pursuant to C.G.S. Section 4-168d)
Aquifer Protection Mapping Regulations
Level A Mapping Regulations (R.C.S.A. 22a-354b-1)
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