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Pharmaceutical Universal Waste Stakeholders Group
Information and Meeting Schedule
{Medicine Bottles} The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has established a Pharmaceutical Universal Waste Stakeholders Group comprised of professionals with broad pharmaceutical expertise to assist in the development of the regulations to allow hazardous pharmaceutical wastes to be managed as a Connecticut universal waste.
By way of background, on December 2, 2008, EPA public noticed a proposal to add hazardous pharmaceutical waste to the Universal Waste Rule (UWR) that was originally promulgated on May 11, 1995.  The UWR modified the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act’s (RCRA) hazardous waste regulations  (40 CFR Parts 260 through 265) through providing streamlined requirements for the collection, management and disposal of a group of hazardous wastes that are widely produced by many different types of businesses.  EPA’s 2008 proposed rule was meant to facilitate the appropriate management and disposal of hazardous pharmaceutical wastes.  Due to extensive and conflicting comments , and concern over the lack of notification and tracking requirements, EPA decided to not finalize the 2008 proposal.  Instead, EPA is working on a new proposal for the sector-based management of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals which may not be as flexible as a universal waste designation.
Over at least the past five years, the DEEP has been actively working on the issues surrounding the proper management and disposal of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals.  The Department provided comments  to EPA in favor of their December 2008 proposal to add hazardous waste pharmaceuticals to the UWR.  The Department is now advocating for change through a State-initiated universal waste listing.  However, until promulgation of the proposed regulations, generators of hazardous pharmaceutical waste must manage such waste in accordance with Connecticut’s Hazardous Waste Management Regulations.
The Department will be performing the core drafting of the proposed regulations during the winter of 2013 to 2014.  The draft proposed regulations will be examined by staff from the Department, the Legislative Commissioner’s Office and the Office of the Attorney General in the spring of 2014.  The Department plans to revise the draft proposed regulations, as appropriate, during the summer of 2014, and public notice the draft proposed regulations in the fall of 2014.
Meeting Information
Meetings with the Pharmaceutical Stakeholders Group will be held on the dates listed below from 1:00 - 3:30 p.m. in Conference Room 4B at DEEP Headquarters located at 79 Elm Street in Hartford, Connecticut.  For more information, please contact Michele DiNoia directly at (860) 424-3816.
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11/12/14 Agenda
10/08/14 Agenda
5/1 4/14 Agenda
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Agendas and Other Materials
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