DEEP: Waste Management and Disposal
Waste Management and Disposal
Organics Recycling
 Active Leaf Composting Facilities
 Brush and Stump Management
 Commercial / Institutional Food Waste Collection and Composting
 Commercial and Institutional Food Scrap Recycling Pilot Projects
 Commercial Organics Collection Pilot Begins
 Commercial Organics Recycling Law
  Certain commercial businesses in CT are now required to recycle food scraps. Learn more here.
 Compost Video Downloads
  Download and view three video programs on composting and grasscycling.
 Composting and Organics Recycling
 Composting and Organics Resources
 Do Not Trash Grass
 Food Residual Composting Facilities
 Food Share Composting Pilot Project
 Foodshare Pilot - August 2002 Update
 FoodShare Pilot - December 2002 Update
 Groton Pilot Photo Gallery
 Groton/Stonington Pilot Project Photo Gallery - Page 2
 Home Composting - Turn Your Spoils into Soil
 Large Scale Organics Management
 Mansfield Middle School Composting Grant - Final Report
 Office Food Scrap Composting at DEEP
  CT DEEP has been composting their food scraps on-site since 1997 diverting about 6,000 pounds per year from the waste stream.
 Organics Mapping Project
 Potential Sources of Compost
 School Composting Bins, School Composting Manual and Website
 School Composting Pilot, June 2003 Update
 School Composting...The Next Step In Recycling
 Sheet Leaf Composting
 Steve Slipchinsky and DEP receive awards for the Foodshare Organics Recycling Project
 Using Compost to Control Erosion
 Vermicomposting Pilot Project
 Vermicomposting Pilot Project Photo Gallery