Lt. Governor Wyman: Inaugural Remarks by Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman

Inaugural Remarks by Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman
January 5, 2011 – Capitol Senate Chambers 

Thank you Governor.
We stand here knowing that we are about to take on some of the steepest challenges that any elected officials in Connecticut have ever faced.
And I stand here fully believing that your vision, your leadership and your work ethic is exactly what our state needs to overcome those challenges and put us back on firm ground.
I was honored when you chose me as your running mate, and I am honored to be standing with you today as your partner - and as the 108th Lt. Governor of the great state of Connecticut.   
I especially want to thank my family: My dedicated husband Mike; my two wonderful daughters Stacey and Meryl; their great husbands Steve and Bill; my loving sisters Linda and Lyndi; and my pride and joy – my five grandchildren: Kyle, Taylor, Lindsey, Max and Sydney. 
It’s been 8 months – 8 crazy months – since I decided to run for Lt. Governor and I could not have done it without their love and support.
I would also ask the Chamber to welcome another very special person that I want to thank – our former first lady, Nikki O’Neill.
And I’d like us all to take a moment to recognize the service of our men and women serving in the Armed Forces, and to remember the sacrifice of the more than 50 Connecticut heroes we have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I want to thank the people of Connecticut for putting their trust in me – from serving eight years on the Tolland Board of Education, to eight years as State Representative, to 16 years as State Comptroller and now as Lt. Governor.
I promise you that I will spend every day of the next four years working to make life better for all of you. 
I also want to thank the men and women of the Senate – and especially your leaders Senators Williams, McKinney, Looney and Fasano - for welcoming me into your circle.
I am humbled to join you, and I look forward to working with you on an agenda of progress and prosperity for our state.
I believe that what people expect and deserve from their leaders is hard work and results that make a difference in their daily lives. 

We need to be leaders that will listen to the people and respond to the people.
We have to be committed to getting our fiscal house in order.
We have to be committed to reforming our health care system – to putting people to work, to helping small businesses, to lowering energy costs and upgrading our infrastructure.
From the bottom of my heart, I truly believe that if we all work together – Democrat and Republican, House and Senate, Executive branch and Legislative branch – we can make this state a better place to live for us, for our children, and for our grandchildren.
Those are high expectations.
But what will inspire us every day to fulfill those expectations is knowing that we must repay the faith that the people of Connecticut have put in us by doing everything we can for them.
And I will close with one final word to the people of Connecticut: I am deeply honored to be your Lt. Governor - and I can promise that no one will work harder to prove that you made the right choice. 

Thank you.


God Bless America and God Bless the great State of Connecticut.