Waterstatus: Interagency Drought Work Group

Interagency Drought Work Group

Connecticut's Interagency Drought Workgroup (IDW) consists of representatives from:
{Department of Agriculture}                              {Office of Policy and Management}                           {Department of Public Health}
                                 {Department of Energy and Environmental Protection}                           {Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection}
With technical assistance from:
Meetings of the IDW:

Meeting Agenda Minutes Action Taken 
08/05/2016AgendaMeeting Minutes (pending) 
06/27/2016AgendaMeeting Minutes (draft) Drought Advisory issued; IDW to schedule next meeting to reassess conditions
01/22/2016AgendaMeeting Minutes (draft)IDW to continue monitoring conditions; meet again in March if conditions warrant
10/20/2015AgendaMeeting Minutes (draft)IDW members to provide opinions to OPM on whether to recommend a Drought Advisory
04/03/2012  Meeting Minutes(draft)IDW to continue monitoring conditions; meet again in one month if conditions warrant

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