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We are dedicated to the development of a comprehensive strategic water plan for the State of Connecticut.  This website contains helpful information related to the Water Planning Council and the development of the water plan.
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11/09/2018 --  The Connecticut Water Planning Council adopted a revised Connecticut Drought Preparedness and Response Plan on November 6, 2018.  Download the plan below.
06/25/2018 -- WPC Chairman John Betkoski appears on WNPR's "Where We Live" to discuss water conservation in Connecticut (originally aired on June 5, 2018).
05/29/2018 -- The Water Planning Council, in accordance with Public Act 16-61, has reviewed the report titled Environmental Study: Change in Use of New Britain Water Company Land that was submitted by Lenard Engineering, Inc. to the WPC on February 27, 2018.  In response, the WPC has published:
04/10/2018 -- The Public Health Committee, Energy and Technology Committee, Environment Committee, and Planning and Development Committee will hold a joint public hearing on the Connecticut State Water Plan on Tuesday, April 17, 2018, from 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. in Room 2C of the Legislative Office Building.  The Committees are accepting electronic testimony via email at phtestimony@cga.ct.gov.  See the WPC Calendar for more information.
04/06/2018 -- The Water Planning Council has received a copy of the report, "Environmental Study Change in use of New Britain Water Company Land/Proposed Quarry Expansion and Future Water Storage Reservoir," published by Lenard Engineering, Inc. in accordance with Public Act 16-61.  The public is invited to submit comments to the WPC using an online comment form.
01/24/2018 -- The Water Planning Council voted on 1/23/2018 to approve the Final Draft State Water Plan for submission to the Connecticut General Assembly.  A flurry of correspondence was received by the Water Planning Council leading up to the final approval:  Comments received prior to WPC approval of Final Draft State Water Plan.
01/15/2018 -- The Water Planning Council will vote on the final draft (January 2018) State Water Plan at a special meeting on Tuesday, January 23.  The January 2018 Final Draft State Water Plan, summaries, and responses to public comments can be viewed in the State Water Plan Document Repository.
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January 2018 Draft Connecticut State Water Plan for Vote by WPC
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December 18, 2018
  1:30 PM - Meeting of the WPC Advisory Group