wallofhonor: Marine - Jordan Pierson

{United States Marine Corps}
Marine Corporal
(2006 - Iraq)

Even though it made him an easier target for enemy fire, Cpl. Pierson typically wore a blue light on the back of his helmet during nighttime raids so it was easier for other troops to follow him.

He was that type of leader – the type who shrugged off grenade-shrapnel wounds and returned to battle just three months before he was fatally shot on Aug. 25, 2006 while on foot patrol in Al Anbar province.

A spirited risk-taker who loved motorcycles, paintball and computer games, Pierson was  focused on the military from a young age and wanted to join the Marines immediately after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. But he was only 17 and his parents made him wait a year to enlist.

 Pierson had been working toward a business degree at UConn when he was called to duty in Iraq with the Marines of Charlie Company, based in Plainville, in the fall of 2005. He had completed more than 100 battle missions before his death.  

“He found a home in the Marines," said his father, Eric Pierson. "It was something that he loved, something that he had a passion for.”


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