wallofhonor: Marine - Brian Letendre

{Photo of Brian Letendre}
{United States Marine Corps}
Marine Captain
New Britain
(2006 - Iraq)

Capt. Letendre was driven by his own call to duty when he volunteered to return for a second tour in Iraq.

After earning medals for his valor in the original invasion of Iraq in 2003, Letendre spent the next two years training troops in Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, a Marine Reserve unit headquartered in Plainville. A native of Virginia, where he was captain of his high school soccer team, he and his wife Autumn lived in New Britain during his assignment in Plainville. When the unit he was training was called to duty in Iraq in 2006, Letendre decided he couldn’t let them go without him.

"Brian just didn't feel right being back here in the U.S. while other Marines were serving overseas," his family and friends said in a statement after his death" “Despite others telling him to stay back and be safe, Brian could not resist his call to duty."

Letendre’s job was to train Iraqi troops – a assignment considered highly dangerous because the recruits were often targeted by suicide bombers. He was killed on May 3, 2006 when a car rigged with explosives attacked his observation post in Anbar province.

"He felt a call to something much greater than himself at an early age and followed his heart to where he felt he could help make this world a better place," Letendre's family said.


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