wallofhonor: Army - Wilfredo Perez

{Photo of Wilfredo Perez Jr.}
{Department of the Army}
Wilfredo Perez, Jr.
Army Specialist
(2003 - Iraq)

Spec. Perez’s last letter from Iraq arrived home the day after his family learned that he'd lost his life in a grenade blast while guarding a children’s hospital.

Written as he crouched in a Humvee, the letter urged Perez’ teenage stepbrother to be sure to finish school.

“You know, if something does happen to me out here and I can't make it home you have to buck up and be the man and take care of everybody, but it all starts with finishing school,” Perez  wrote.   “If I finished school, I could be sitting behind a desk somewhere, not sitting in a truck in the desert in the middle of Iraq.”

Known as “Junior,” Spec. Perez was selflessly devoted to his family, often caring for ill relatives and taking his grandmother shopping. A native of New York City, Perez as a boy moved to Norwalk to live with his father. At age 13, he marched with the Sea Cadets in the Desert Storm ticker-tape parade in New York City. At 16, he volunteered at the Special Olympics' World Games in New Haven.

His family describes him as a strong leader with a beautiful smile who always tried to make  people laugh. He loved clothes and shopping, handball, golf and skiing and riding his motorcycle. His father, Wilfredo Perez Sr., has set up a memorial fund in his name that has donated more than $40,000 in scholarships to graduating high school students in Norwalk.


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