TRB: Board Members

Board Members


Ex-officio Members - Appointed by Governor


Honorable Benjamin Barnes, Secretary

Office of Policy and Management



Designee:  Gregory Messner

Assistant Executive Budget Officer


Honorable Denise L. Nappier, Treasurer

Office of State Treasurer





Honorable Dianna R. Wentzell,

Commissioner of Education

Designee:  Kathy Demsey

Chief Financial Officer

(860) 713-6464


Teacher Members - Elected by Teacher Membership


Clare H. Barnett, Chairperson

Retired Teacher

Board member since 7/1/1991


Al Bredehorst

Active Teacher

Meriden Board of Education

Board member since 7/1/2013


Lisa Mosey

Active Teacher

New Milford Board of Education

Board member since 7/1/2015


Maureen Honan

Active Teacher

Regional School District #15

Established 2011-PA 11-48

Board member since 11/1/2011


William Myers

Active Teacher

South Windsor Board of Education

Board member since 7/1/2009


Rosalyn B. Schoonmaker

Retired Teacher

Board member since 7/1/1979


Public Members Appointed by Governor


Charles B. Higgins

Appointed 2013


Jonathan Johnson  

Appointed 2007


Elaine T. Lowengard

Appointed 1994



As of 4/19/2017

  As of 2/5/2015

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